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Fungus Funk - Oct.28th Beijing

时间 Time 28/10/2016
地点 Venue 北京市朝阳区三里屯后街同里南门4楼@REC ROOM
预售 Presale 80RMB
现场 Door 120RMB

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  • 12 Backers
  • ¥960 Funded
  • 16 Hours to Go

SHFT. Presents Freak Out Fest

In ancient China, there once was a saying - You Must Be Ready to enter the gates of hell and face the devil if you are to be able to fully TURN UP in life. This halloween SHFT. welcomes you to do just that, at China’s largest and most LIT halloween rave! 3 Cities (SH, CD, BJ) ! 3 Warehouses ! 30+ Artists! Asia’s hottest out KEITH APE ! Eminem and ASAP ROCKY’s producer ARAABBUZIK !
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  • 402 Backers
  • ¥81,520 Funded
  • 17 Hours to Go

东 京 夜 行 Yukibeb (Soulection)

The 22 year old Tokyo native, Yukibeb, has only been making and posting her mixes on Soundcloud since 2011, but has quickly amassed global attention for the eclectic vibes and moods she conveys through her selections. Both intimate and sensual, the sounds she fuses represent her hip hop, future beats, and r&b sensibilities. The diaphanous soundscapes she creates for her hungry listeners reflect the intricate sounds that compliment the complex and fluorescent backdrop of the Tokyo underground. While she holds the attention of many, Yukibeb genuinely wishes to bring visibility to lesser known artists and give them a larger platform for recognition. Headstrong and opinionated, she doesn't really care for hype, follows her strong intuition and instincts to curate her unique sound. Citing major influences like J Dilla, Aaliyah, Tokimonstaand fellow labelmates Ms. Beb is poised to pursue her passion as a DJ first in her hometown of Tokyo and next worldwide. Date:2016.10.28 FRI Time:20:00-late Ticket:RMB 50 Supports JACK|ELLIOTT|SIMON booking 1 5 6 - 8 0 7 7 - 3 0 0 7
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  • 3 Backers
  • ¥150 Funded
  • 18 Hours to Go

YES!FM Halloween Party

We are throwing our first YES!PARTY——the Halloween Party “Wandering In The Garden” at Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu on the 28th Oct(Friday) and 29th Oct(Saturday)! There will be fantastic Sichuan Opera show remixed with all the electronic music, which definitely would be the first pioneering attemptation all over Chengdu ! We want to invite you to come and have a great night with us!
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  • 0 Backers
  • ¥0 Funded
  • 19 Hours to Go

DADA DISCO柏林当红鬼才兄弟

柏林是出了名的电音圣地,“宇宙第一夜店”的所在地 而DADA DISCO正是来自柏林的当红法国电音组合 双人组合奇异鬼马的音乐风格很快火遍了整个欧洲 介于音乐和表演之间的马拉松式sets让人眼前一亮 在成功的中国巡演北京昆明成都等地之后 DADA DISCO兄弟万圣节前夜 来到山城重庆Echobay 带你去到世界级的电子音乐现场!向他们展示重庆人的派对精神!! The 28th of October DJ DADA DISCO will come to Echo Bay! All the way from Berlin they ar now doing their asia tour. After really succes nights…

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  • 11 Backers
  • ¥440 Funded
  • 20 Hours to Go


ODWAN 、JANST1CE 、JACOB 、OEA将带着他们的实验性音乐,伸着变装,来跟各位HIGHER们一起度过一个爆燥的万圣节!

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  • 36 Backers
  • ¥720 Funded
  • 23 Hours to Go


It's the yearly biiiigggg party at NUTS. Everyone is sooo serious to be "theirselves". Always we will prepare the PRIZE for the QUEEN & KING! As we said at the beginning, IT'S A TRADITION! Hello you, TIME TO PREPARE! TIME|29th Oct. 21:00 ADD|NUTS LIVE HOUSE B1-21,Deyi Fashion Mall,Jiaochangkou,District Yuzhong ENTRY|60rmb(Free entry for wearing Halloween costume)
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  • 0 Backers
  • ¥0 Funded
  • 2 Days to Go

玄音 - 降神


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  • 63 Backers
  • ¥3,540 Funded
  • 2 Days to Go