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In the beautiful border southwest of yunnan luxi city, dehong prefecture in February 2, 2017-3, usher in an unprecedented music feast. The art festival "border" after a long preparation, multi-party cooperation, content includes: the band, electronic music performances, tattoo, skateboard, American haircut street dance, locomotive, food, bazaar, beverage market, an unprecedented integration of minority culture and subculture. 2 days for a period of time, the unique scenery Is the dawn of the city of gastronomy - lum, let's stir together to meet different new dawn!
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Herobust Chinatour Chengdu

2017 is the year of Bass, there is no more excited compare to it. The beginning of the year, PILLZ is ready to surprise you, to send you big gift that arouse all the people who love bass music.The person is one of the top Trap aritist who iscalled bass killer. I believe it is the best new year gift for you.
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Never Grow Up


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Pursue your dreams after work

This event is to give people with a dream to build a learning platform, by bringing together some of the skills already be friends, let them make friends the way to learn the skills you want to become a harmonious teacher-student relationship, which can break the traditional training tuition expensive, rigid teacher teaching, learning progress and other issues are not clear, the formation of an intimate learning environment.
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《Uygur in China》EP

《Uygur in China》is a homemade HipHop Album mashed-up and produced by a Uygur in China! A collection of raw demos carefully arranged to tell a story of a true minority!
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成都爆火 全国奖金额最高的狼人杀巅峰之战。成都潮人新地标,浪趴邀你一起来嗨——有女神,网红,各路大咖助阵。就差一个爱玩狼人杀的你,小伙伴们,约约约

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