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如果你听过《Pastanistan》,就会惊叹于SPAG HEDDY的Tomato Bass风格。自从2011年以来,Mischa Reining(荷兰)以其重复的流行旋律和曲调在Dubstep和Drumstep界闻名。

多位主流大咖,例如Skrillex、Datsik、Excision、Skism、Must Die!、Cookie Monsta以及Seven Lions都对他给予好评。

而他在Firepower、NSD Black Label、Rottun、Play Me、Monstercat以及Disciple等旗下发行的原版或Remix版本的歌曲让你不会轻易忘记这个具有自身特色的制作人。


他的《Oh My! 》(Never Say Die旗下)、《OG Meatball EP》(Buygore旗下)以及官方混音热门歌曲《Don‘t Let Me Down》之后,他的音乐在全世界范围内火爆,并让他迅速在Bass界声名鹊起。无论是在音乐节或者更加”亲近“的演出,SPAG在美国的巡演让每个见证者都嗨到断脖。你千万不能错过他的独特音乐。


Straight from the kitchens of Pastanistan, SPAG HEDDY delivers your daily need for tomato bass. Since 2011, Mischa Reining (NL) has been well known for his constant flow of both heavy and melodic tunes in the dubstep and drumstep genres.

Major players like Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Skism, Must Die!, Cookie Monsta and Seven Lions have touched his noodly appendage, while official releases and remixes on Firepower, NSD Black Label, Rottun, Play Me, Monstercat and Disciple, have made him a producer you won’t soon forget.

Now, after multiple top charting Beatport hits, tens of millions of online plays, numerous shows in nearly all continents, he’s aiming for the biggest and best.

Releases like Oh My! [Never Say Die], OG Meatball EP [Buygore] and official remix for platinum hit Don’t Let Me Down (The Chainsmokers ft. Daya) made waves in the world of bass music, and have secured him a spot amongst the bass lords. SPAG made name in the bass market giant USA with several headlined tours, from festival main stages to intimate and raw spots, leaving every witness destroyed with a snapped neck. Don’t miss out and be embraced by his noodly appendage.  

英国Bass DJ/电子音乐制作人Conrank已经迅速上升到当下Bass音乐领域的最前沿,他通过汲取不同风格的精华,将它们融合为纯粹而又极富爆发力的Conrank式Bass风格。 在千禧年之际,活跃在伦敦的Conrank便对Bass音乐产生了浓厚的兴趣。你可以在Conrank的音乐里发现 DnB,Jungle,UKG和Grime等多重元素,他将这些元素完美融入于自己的每一支作品中。之后Conrank移居到中国上海,并在近期频繁活跃于美国电子音乐圈,目前他辗转于两个国家之间巡演,这两个地方都赋予了Conrank不一样的音乐灵感。2017年,他签约Circus唱片公司,继续为大众带来最优质的Bass佳作。例如 Distorted Method EP, ‘Smash That’ 以及与 Basement Jaxx 的 Ami Carmine 合作的’Inbetween’,这一切都塑造了他在Dubstep和Bass领域之中十分强劲的地位。他曾remix过Zeds Dead 和TC的作品,更受到12th Planet,Space Jesus,Bassnector, Doctor P,Liquid Stranger和DJ Craze等一众大牌的支持。如果你还不够了解Conrank,感受一次他的现场,你就会被他的Bass强袭征服!


UK born and bred electronic artist Conrank has quickly risen to the forefront of modern bass music, blending a vast range of influence into a truly unique sound. Conrank first peaked his interest in bass music when bouncing around London after the turn of the millennium. The evidence of living and breathing within the home of DnB, Jungle, UKG and Grime is omnipresent in every Conrank track. Since then Diccon moved to Shanghai, China and more recently to the USA, currently residing between the two biggest players on the world stage, each adding their own unique flavour into the Conrank sound. Signed to Circus Records in 2017, Conrank continues to deliver stand out moments, the Distorted Method EP, ‘Smash That’, ‘Inbetween’ featuring Basement Jaxx vocalist Ami Carmine, all shaping a career that is hitting hard across the dubstep and bass world. With remixes for Zeds Dead and TC, support from 12th Planet, Space Jesus, Bassnector, Doctor P, Liquid Stranger and DJ Craze, if you haven’t heard a Conrank beat yet, it won’t be for long.


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