No Rockstars: Sébastien Léger

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    成都市 非遗 W Shanghai - The Bund April 20, 2019 21:00
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今年二月,Citizenn在“上海外滩W酒店”为大家上演了令人惊叹的首演。4月20日,我们将为上海观众们呈现这个春季最令人期待的夜晚之一“NO ROCKSTARS Vol.2 - Sébastien Léger”。他来自All Day I Dream,是Lee Burridge环球露天派对的主要成员。超凡的VOID音响系统将为这个美妙的夜晚增添令人震撼的现场音乐体验!

“真实和自信,是我从未停止成长的关键。”法国电子音乐人Sébastien Léger在他长达20年的音乐生涯中与主流背驰而行,创作了大量拥有鲜明个人特色的作品,他独特的天分也使他能够驾驭各种类型的电子舞曲。

Sébastien来自音乐世家,父母均为古典音乐家,踏入这个圈子亦是早已注定的。他从Michael Jackson的《Thriller》专辑中汲取了早期灵感,这张专辑涵盖了摇滚、灵魂乐和放克风格,Sébastien将其融合并转化,最终呈现出令人耳目一新的独特风格。

在超过20年的职业生涯中,Sébastien在多家唱片公司发行过4张录音室专辑和无数张EP,如他自己的唱片公司Mistakes Music,Einmusika Recordings、Systematic Recordings和Dubfire的SCI + TEC。在强大的Melodic Techno中注入Groove与Funk是他的标志性声音的关键,Sébastien的职业生涯如此成功的关键因素是 - 他总有着让舞池无法停止的魔力。他于上个月发行的最新单曲《Lanarka》,在不到一周的时间内迅速在Beatport总榜单上攀升至第一名。



Sébastien Léger从未偏离过他的音乐道路,他没有表现出任何放慢脚步的迹象,并邀请你4月20日与他一起共同“释放想象,拒绝常规”!

After a legendary debut with Citizenn in February at W Shanghai - The Bund, ‘NO ROCKSTARS’ is back on the 20th of April to present you one of the hottest nights the Shanghai crowd has seen this season. For the second edition we are presenting you one of the key members of Lee Burridge's globe-trotting open-air party, Sébastien Léger from All Day I Dream. Expect all-night fun, dancing and pure hedonist beats blasting from a VOID sound system!

French electronic artist Sébastien Léger has taken an unorthodox approach to his musical career resulting in a unique creative output. Over the last 20 years he has learned to adapt to the ever-changing face of Dance Music. 'Staying true to yourself and believing in your own abilities are the key to being able to thrive and develop over such a long period.' This distinctive ability, is something only a handful of artists can call their own.

Whilst both his parents are classically trained musicians, it was only a matter of time before Sébastien took his first steps into this same world. Drawing his early inspirations from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album, which provides an eclectic journey spanning across the Rock ‘N Roll, Soul and Funk genres, Sébastien has taken this mould and turned it into something entirely different and his own.

Releasing music over a 20+ year career, including 4 studio albums and countless EP’s on a variety of labels such as his own imprint Mistakes Music, Einmusika Recordings, Systematic Recordings and Dubfire’s SCI + TEC. Sébastien’s powerful melodic Techno with injections of groove and funk are the key to his signature sound that has earnt him a long and fruitful career with one key objective - Keep the dancefloor moving. His latest single ‘Lanarka’ released last month climbed to NO. 1 on the Beatport overall chart in less than a week.

Perceptions from others and including an especially critical dancefloor community can lead to an artist to change their style and fit a certain category, however in Sébastien’s case he worked tirelessly to make sure he creates a musical output that is representative of his emotions and music that is for him. Straight talking Sébastien devotes all his emotions into his music and enjoys making people feel the same way.

Throughout his career, Sébastien has constantly walked the knife edge between entertaining himself and keeping the crowd moving. Considering his job as more of a hobby is a gift and one that Sébastien holds in high regard. Looking towards the future, Sébastien’s tour schedule is packed and will see him perform in some of the world’s most sought after venues.

Never straying from his musical path, Sébastien Léger certainly shows no signs of slowing down and invites you to ‘Open your mind, don’t except the norm’ with him together on April 20th!

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