Cue 2.20 Microcosmic

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    成都市武侯区Cue Club February 20, 2021 21:30
Contact: CUE club

Microcosmic是一个集体,聚会的系列和唱片公司,拥有开明的DJ和冒险活动的体液集的现场表演。 微妙,时髦,内脏和催眠-从微观到宇宙。 由Opul和Xing创立,目的是在没有任何伪装或期望的情况下自由共享电子音乐。
Microcosmic is a collective, party series and label hosting open-minded DJs and live acts for adventurous genre-fluid sets. Subtle, groovy, visceral and hypnotic - microscopic to cosmic. Founded by Opul and Xing as an outlet to share electronic music freely and without pretense or expectation. Electronic music is often placed in genres by house/techno and so on… but links such as texture, imagery or concepts defy such categorization. We seek to find common ground in different genres, weaving together styles, eras and tempos.
Our opening night features none other than one of Chengdu’s finest musicians, Wu Zhuoling, whose penchant for impeccable sound design, intricate rhythms and tasteful melody has blown our minds on numerous occasions.

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