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如果你对Craze的认识还停留在他是唯一一个曾三次获得DMC世界冠军的solo DJ的话,那你应该好好补补课了。从那之后,他参与的每一个比赛都困难重重,但每次的困境只会让他不断上升,变得更强。 不相信?睁大眼睛好好看。 在他只有三岁时,他和家人从尼加瓜拉逃难到了正处内战动荡的美国;92年又经历了当时最惨重的自然灾害—安德鲁飓风;在他的青春期,他完全就是个书呆子。作为普通人,这种经历可能会留下一辈子的伤疤,但这些经历反而点燃了Craze的热情。 没有放弃,Craze在年仅二十岁就对DMC比赛完成了屠榜。在连续蝉联两届冠军后,美国《时代周刊》将其评为“美国最佳DJ”。没错,就是大名鼎鼎的《时代周刊》。随后他在YouTube的频道Traktor上浏览量暴增至650万,更随Kanye West作为其私人DJ完成其巡演。 如果这还不够,他之后便开始在Slow Roast Records与Kill The Noise合作,没错,就是臭名昭著的Fool’s Gold Records(旗下拥有艺人A-­‐Trak, Kid Cudi, Danny Brown)的子唱片公司,之后还在2011年下半年随Yelawolf完成了全美巡演。随着两张个人EP the Selekta和Deeper with Codes的发行,他的事业可谓扶摇直上,除了和Q-­‐Bert(当时最具争议性也是最伟大的搓碟DJ)的比赛外,他已经没时间慢下来了。 从牙买加到澳大利亚,从日本再回到尼加拉瓜,Craze把世界都巡演遍了,这不仅震惊了全球观众,配合他融合了说唱, dubstep,和 Miami bass的set,更用他顶级的表演征服了同行。 下次再有人问你“DJ Craze这个人怎么样?”告诉他们Craze有多牛逼。

If the first thing you know about Craze is that he’s the only solo DJ to win the DMC World Championships 3 times over, prepare to get yourself schooled. From day one, every uphill battle he faced was met with intense adversity; every kick while he was down only served to help him rise up even stronger. You want proof? Fine. His family fled Nicaragua for the US when he was 3 in the midst of a civil war, suffered through Hurricane Andrew in ’92, the US’s costliest hurricane at the time, and was a total nerd through his teenage years. But while others would chalk this up to a lifetime of hurt, Craze let it fuel his passion. Instead of giving up, he slayed the DMC’s when he was just 20. Two more DMC wins later, Time Magazine named him “America’s Best DJ”. Yeah, Time Magazine. He went on to rack up more than 8.5 million views on his Traktor YouTube videos alone, and THE Kanye West took him on tour as his own personal DJ. As if that wasn’t enough, he started Slow Roast Records with Kill The Noise, an imprint of the infamous Fool’s Gold Records (A-­‐Trak, Kid Cudi, Danny Brown), and then headed out for a full US tour with Yelawolf in the last half of 2011. With two releases in 2012 -­‐ the Selekta EP, and Deeper with Codes, he’s hasn’t taken any time to slow down, instead focusing on a battle record with arguable the greatest scratch DJ of all time…Q-­‐Bert. From Jamaica to Australia, Japan to Nicaragua, Craze has toured the world over, stunning audiences and DJs alike with his top-­‐notch showmanship, and masterfully unique blend of rap, dubstep, and Miami bass. So when someone asks you, ‘Whatchu know about DJ Craze?”, feel free to let them know a thing or two.


英国Bass DJ/制作人Conrank现在已经是CIRCUS RECORDS的官方艺人,和Flux Pavilion,Doctor P等艺人齐名并以其创新的音色迅速将自己树立成了Bass音乐的新标杆。2016到2017短短一年就做出了重大突破,不仅得到了BBC Radio 1和UKF的支持,更随Skrillex出席THE BOILER ROOM演出,其观看量超过400万。Conrank的名字已经像烈火一样烧遍了全美,单是今年一年就完成了超过60场演出,其中就包括各大音乐节如Project Z (EDC的子音乐节品牌)。同样只在今年,Conrank就在Beatport屠榜三遍。毫无疑问,随着他在Circus Records 专辑的发行,2018年的Conrank将会空前强大。


Uk bass DJ & Producer Conrank is now an offical artist on the CIRCUS RECORDS roster alongside Flux Pavilion and Doctor P, and has quickly established himself as one of bass music’s most innovative voices . 201617 have been huge break-out years, gaining support from BBC Radio 1, UKF and appearing alongside Skrillex on THE BOILER ROOM, viewed by over 4 million people. Conranks name has grown in America like wildfire, with over 60 shows this year alone , alongside playing huge festivals like Project Z (a sister festival of EDC). This year alone, Conrank has hit No.1 on the Beatport charts 3 times. There is no doubt that 2018 is going to be bigger than ever with a full EP dropping on Circus Records.