• Arkham 2017年11月18日 22:00
发布联系人: Fake Music Media

EUPHORIA – 欢庆创意和声音的自由



欧洲从不缺少有影响力的电子音乐品牌,比如Sonar, Melt, Berghain, ADE, Nuits Sonores, Unsound, Boiler Room, Ars Electronica, CTM等等。为展示欧洲多元化的电子音乐现场,同时也为庆祝无国界创意和声音的自由,我们带来EUPHORIA——一个将落地中国三座城市,展示电子乐多元化的系列演出活动,呈现来自欧盟不同国家电子音乐人的精彩现场。


11月18日,法国DJ COLLEGE将在上海Arkham为EUPHORIA开场。他的作品《Real Hero》作为《亡命驾驶》的电影原声,也成为了2011年的金曲之一。COLLEGE将sythwave推进了大众视线,也创造出了现代化的复兴。他与上海这座城市的渊源,从新专辑取名《Shanghai》可见一斑。


来自波兰华沙的DJ兼音效设计师——TOMASZ GUIDDO,曾在Tim Sweeney的Beats In Space,以及Compost, Sonar Kollektiv, Ostgut Ton等厂牌发行作品,并与Jamie Lidell, Louis Austen等音乐人多次合作。Ursula Rucker更是对他从柏林Berghain到纽约MOMA PS1无可挑剔且充满创造力的表演赞誉有加。


除此之外,我们还邀请到了荷兰的MARCEL VOGEL,拥有厂牌——Lumberjacks in Hell和Intimate Friends。作为柏林Prince Charles 和Panorama Bar的常客,Marcel Vogel的广泛影响力不容置疑。在Arkham,在EUPHORIA的舞台,请准备好迎接一股来自欧洲的强力声波,在无国界的舞池里,感受创意与声音的自




EUPHORIA – Celebrating Free Movement of People, Ideas and Sounds

The Delegation of the European Union to China brings to you EUPHORIA a series of electronic music events across China!

Sonar, Melt, Berghain, ADE, Nuits Sonores, Unsound, Boiler Room, Ars Electronica, CTM - Europe doesn’t lack amazing electronic music brands. To showcase Europe’s diverse electronic music scene we celebrate the free-movement of people, ideas, and sounds with EUPHORIA, a three-city party series with a diverse roster of European DJs and electronic musicians.


Starting on November 18th in Shanghai @ Arkham, we kick off Euphoria with the synth-wave sounds of France’s COLLEGE. His remarkable theme song for the hit film Drive, “Real Hero”, was one of the biggest tracks of 2011, and his latest album is fittingly titled “Shanghai”.


He’s joined by warsaw born globetrotting DJ and sound designer TOMASZ GUIDDO whose releases on Tim Sweeney’s BEATS IN SPACE imprint as well as COMPOST, SONAR KOLLEKTIV, OSTGUT TON or collaborations with the likes of JAMIE LIDELL, LOUIS AUSTEN or URSULA RUCKER speak volumes about his impeccable yet diverse taste which he has brought to the dancefloors everywhere from Berlins BERGHAIN to New Yorks MOMA PS1. 


We cap the evening w Amsterdam resident MARCEL VOGEL widely known for his labels Lumberjacks from Hell and Intimate Friends. As a frequent DJ at Berlin’s PRINCE CHARLES and PANORAMA BAR, Marcel Vogel’s sets, cut through his many influences to make a truly danceable history lesson.  With three European DJ’s we fit a whole festival stage into one evening at ARKHAM to celebrate free movement and a generation of dance music without borders.

This event is organized by the European Union and supported by Fake Music Media.