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Bailo的血液一天不停止流淌,他对于音乐的热爱就一刻不会停息。 Bailo在他七岁时开始接触唱歌,并由此发掘出在音乐上过人的异禀天赋。 他参加过很多节目的试镜,包括美国偶像,X factor和美国之声等家喻户晓的知名选秀节目。 随着Bailo个人造诣的不断加深和对更具层次音乐艺术的追求,他将歌唱的兴趣转向了制作。从与他的高中朋友们一起玩音乐,到为大量的艺人制作混音母带,其中也包括自己的Mixtape专辑“no sleep”Bailo对音乐的把控和创造力令人瞪目结舌!21岁时,这位天才音乐人开启了人生转折点,别人向他介绍了trap这一EDM类型,他立刻着魔似的深陷这种由厚重808低音和致幻节奏构成的犹如精神大麻的音乐之中,自此电子音乐成为了他的伊甸园之梦,他在追梦的道路上越飞越远。近期他更是在Bass巨咖Borgore的厂牌Buygore下发布了单曲“Clique”


于是从那以后,许多优秀的制作人开始对Bailo感兴趣,Riot TenHeroBust4BKennedy JonesMilk N CooksAdventure Club等大牌争相与他合作!Buygore厂牌也刚刚发布了Bailo的另一个混音作品“Breaker”


如果你知道Bailo,听过他对“Calvin Harris - How deep is your love”remix单曲,你一定可以感受到他作为世界上最杰出TRAP音乐人之一的超凡实力。 他的TRAP作品得到了业内一众王牌制作人,如DJ SnakeBorgoreBrillzUZHeroBust4BKennedy Jones等的大力支持。


在发布了多支震惊圈内的作品后,世界知名电音厂牌Barong Family Label相中了这位音乐鬼才,并在2017年末成功将Bailo签入旗下!





Bailo (Gennaro Bailo) was born August 7, 1991 in Brooklyn, but raised in Queens, NY. He spent much valued time with his grandfather, an Italian singer, who greatly influences Bailo and his mind-blowing tracks still today.

Music has always been in his blood. At the young age of 7, Bailo began singing and utilizing his natural talents. He auditioned for shows, including American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice. As he grew personally and artistically, his interest in singing shifted toward producing. Bailo went from banging on tables in high school with his friends, to making numerous mixtapes for upcoming artists. He’s also made his own mixtape, titled “No Sleep.” The turning point for Bailo occurred at the age of 21 when he was introduced to the EDM genre, specifically trap. It immediately “clicked” for him, and he hasn’t stopped ferociously chasing the dream; recently releasing “Clique,” under Borgore’s label, Buygore.

In the last few months, more artists than ever have taken interest in Bailo, offering him the opportunity to work with names like Riot Ten, HeroBust, 4B, Kennedy Jones, Milk N Cooks, Adventure Club, and many more. Buygore also just released another one of Bailo’s remixes, titled “Breaker.”

If you know of Bailo, you’ve heard his remix of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love,” which essentially put him on the underground trap map. This, along with the rest of his music, was and is heavily supported by DJ Snake, Borgore, Brillz, UZ, HeroBust, 4B, and Kennedy Jones.

Bailo has rapidly become the most promising upcoming producer of trap, so ready your ears for some fresh, innovative, killer beats!

“This is only the beginning,” says Bailo.



DATE日期:1月26日 周五 Friday, January 26th

ADDRESS: No. 168, Julu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

地 址: 巨鹿路168号,黄浦区,上海市

PRICE票价: Presale 80 RMB//Door 120 RMB

Special Guest 特别嘉宾:WARZ