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发布联系人: Kristen Ng


Jacque + Jacque = Jacques 是一个方程,其归纳了这个拥有令人不安发型艺术家多面身份。









Jacques出生于斯特拉斯堡,19岁来到巴黎,创建了团体“Pain Surprises”(惊奇面包),他们组织了 一系列疯狂的派对并建立了音乐厂牌。
他的第一张EP« Tout Est Magni que » (一切美好)由Pain Surprises于2015年发行。其中Jacques用自然 声响和他收集的日常物品编织出噪音的回环。EP中的四首歌揭示出一种站在“Techno音乐”和“具象音 乐”交汇处的新类型:Transversal Techno《横向Techno》。


« La Tournure des Choses »(事物表达) et « Faites Quelque chose »(做点儿事)两首歌,以老式座钟机 械呆板的声音作为节奏机制,围绕其上的是由木地板的吱呀声、柴火的爆裂声、急促呼吸和玻璃碎 裂构成的旋律结构。
« Tout Est Magni que » (一切美好),Jacques混合海鸥的鸣叫和柔和的小提琴向我们坦诚“有 些事(他)无法理解”。 然而我们明白Jacques是在用噪音的材料雕刻他的声音序列,并贡献出一首新颖的声响诗歌。为了重 构现场表演中的声音环境,Jacques会邀请音乐会的观众带来日常物品(塑料敞又杯和钥匙,但不要 鞋或是三明治),并用它们奏出的循环声响现场即兴制作Techno节奏,再辅以吉他、和声等构建出 的旋律。


起初的演出在他共同创办的一些巴黎艺术驻地进行,如le Point G 或是le Wonder,Jacques的这些演 出便很快戳中了人们的好奇心。 他的每场音乐会都是独一无二的:有时Jacques会奉献出一场贴心亲密的演出,向观众提供耳机,邀 请他们仔细聆听,在音音乐中冥想。


而有时Jacques 的演出会为了超大型的演出场所制作强有力的Techno节奏,如2016年的Dour或是 Sonar出名音乐节。 今天,从未来接触了很多的Jacques再次回来,他把其扩大了的可能性场域唱进去2017年六月的新歌« Dans la Radio »(电台以内)。


这首歌创作于法国家广播电台的一个驻地项目期间,在那里Jacques 将他对于Vortex(涡 旋)的哲学思索和追求融入了歌词 « On écoute tous la même chanson mais on l’entend pas de la même façon »(我们都听着同一首歌,但都只用自己的耳朵)。


You probably heard about the robbery of Jacques' things last December, all his equipment got stolen and he made an announcement of his resolutions for 2018. Among others, he is staying away from his Facebook account and other social networks, I got it from here temporarily.


So I have some fresh news to share with you : I managed with Jacques to "un-cancel" a few gigs for the pleasure of my Asian friends, we are embarking for Asia in few minutes. Its 4 * 23 kg of gears are back ! Jacques is fully re-equipped. Thomann France mania never stop !


For those who can’t be there, one of the concerts will probably be live streamed, we don’t know which one yet but I’ll keep you posted. One more chance to see Jacques live set before he goes back to his vor- tex.


Kerosene has just arrived, steel strap is wrapped up, ready to take o  !


With the kind support of Institut Français in Tokyo, Taipei and China.









Jacque + Jacque = Jacques is the perfect equation that summarizes the multifaced identity of this artist with a disturbed haircut.


Born in Strasbourg, he came to Paris at 19 years old where he founded the collective Pain Surprises with which he has organized wild parties and created a record label.
His first EP « Tout est Magni que » was released through Pain Surprises in 2015. On this record, Jacquesknits garlands of sounds from the noises of nature and everyday objects that he has collected. The 4songs of this EP reveal a music at the crossroads of techno and concrete music: the « transversal tech-no ».



The tracks « La Tournure des Choses » and « Faites Quelque Chose » are cadenced by the metronomic mechanism of an old clock and structured around a melody made from creaking wooden  oors,  recrackling, rapid breathing and glass breakage.

On « Tout est Magni que », the cries of the seagulls mixed with the so  violins bring Jacques to admit that « there is something that (he) doesn’t understand ».



Actually, we do understand that Jacques sculpts his music in the noise material he collects and delivers an unexpected and original sound poetry.

During his live shows, Jacques invites the public to bring everyday objects (plastic cups and keys are accepted but no shoes nor sandwiches, according to him) to construct exciting tracks live on stage.

He makes a techno beat by looping sounds taken from the everyday objects and then creates melodic patterns together with guitar and vocals.



At first, his con dential performances were organized in Parisian artistic squats that he co-founded him - self, such as Point G and Wonder, but soon his fascinating live sets attracted bigger crowds, curious to meet the man.
Every set is unique: Sometimes Jacques’s performance is intimate, the audience receives headphones and is invited to an attentive listening session close to meditation; Sometimes Jacques’s performance is based on powerful techno tracks built for huge warehouses like at Sonar and Dour Festival this year.



Today, Jacques is back from the future where, as he said, he met a lot of smart people and made a lotof contacts. His released an EP in june 2017 « Dans la Radio » and is currently pursuing his philosophical quest of the Vortex singing « We all listen to the same song but don’t hear it the same way »; let’s medi- tate on that !






02月09日 : 东京 @ Digital Choc Festival
02月12日 : 东京 Ableton Masterclass
02月14日 : 首尔 Ableton Masterclass
02月15日 : 首尔 @ SOAP


02月18日 : 台北 @ Make Art 造愛生活


03月17日 : 香港 @ Sonar Festival
03月23日 : 成都 @ 蒸汽 Steam
03月25日 : 深圳 @ 海上世界文化艺术中心 03月27日 : 广州 @ TU凸空间
03月30日 : 上海 @ Mansion
04月01日 : 吉隆坡 @ Pisco Bar






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