Psychedelic Trance Party: Vol II

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    16 剩余天数 2支持者 Aurora Beijing 北京朝阳区三里屯南同里总店三层302室  3/F, Tongli Building (South Entrance), Sanlitun South 2018年6月9日 10:30


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       Psychedelic Trance Party Vol:II




In order to understand Psy-Trance we have to know the meaning ofthe single words Psychedelic and Trance:

Psychedelic derives from the Greek: ´Psike` (mind) and ´deloun` ( relative to the sensational). This way psike-deloun is a manifestation of spirit, mind, soul and of that what is able to effect our consciousness deeply.

Trance: defines an elevated state of conscience induced by meditation or by stimulation of our senses.

During the sixties the hippie movement surges in San Francisco, USA. The hippies started a culture, politically bold, against war which was expressed in Europe and North America. Its psychedelic style was based on fashion, arts was inspired by hallucinogenic drugs ( LSD) and music by the artists like Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd.

The hippies gathered radical protest against the system. They opposed to: materialism; conformism characterized by massified citizens;bureaucracy that destroys the fluency of life; the game of regulations and prohibitions supposed to guarantee freedom, but instead cutting them by the following dominant values: property, work, money, competition, class differences, racial segregation, ideological repression.

The hippies extended through all developed countries ( USA, Canada, West Europe…) Many went to faraway islands in the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean ( Ibiza), India, Thailand where they established communities which still exist today.

The first free parties

In the 70ties the first free parties are visited by hippies in the beaches at Goa(India). The beach of Anjuna was the most famous  place and the music went from Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin until the 80‘ when these parties started to reach a global level.


 maxresdefault (1)


Psy-Trance celebrations are not only based on music and dance. It is more the sensational and cultural feeling present at each location which is given to following generations through celebrations composed by decorations, lights, natural elements and art. Further on Psy-Trance is creating an education based on tolerance and acceptance. Therefore organizing such an event can be understood as a ceremony or ritual where the primary element represents the harmony between the people involved. This way the positive energy will be transmitted to all participants and as a consequence higher levels of collective conscience are reached, making the festivity to a living and intelligent being in complete harmony with nature.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 3.36.32 PM




在六十年代,嬉皮运动在美国旧金山激增。它的艺术灵感来源于迷幻药(LSD),并极大地激发了如:Janis Joplin,Grateful Dead,Jefferson Airplane和Pink Floyd等艺术家的音乐。






七十年代,在印度果阿的海滩上,一些嬉皮士参加了第一批免费派对。安朱纳海滩是最受欢迎的地方,早期在这些派对上播放的音乐是Pink Floyd和Janis Joplin,直到80年代这种派对开始逐步扩散到全球范围。



Psy-Trance派对不仅限于音乐和跳舞。更多的是通过由装饰、灯光、自然元素和艺术等组成的庆祝活动,在每一块土地都能感受到一种震撼人心的文化氛围,给后人留下深刻的印象。此外,Psy-Trance正在创建一个基于宽容和接纳的教育。 因此,组织这样一个活动可以被理解为一种仪式,其中主要元素代表了人与人之间的和谐。 通过这种方式,积极的能量将传递给所有参与者,从而达到更高的集体意识水平,使节日成为与大自然完全和谐相处的一种有生命的和智慧的存在。


Dj's :



DJ AnanWoO is one of the China 's first female Psytrance DJs. Starting DJing from 2008, in 2011 she experienced her first outdoor Psytrance party and switched her wing into this world. Originally from Wuhan, a stronghold of China’s rock scene, she successfully promoted and built an electronic dance music scene, with more and more people choosing to spend their weekend dancing away in front of a bass bin rather than watching a band. In 2013 she moved to Beijing for work and at the same time joined Chinese Psytrance pioneers GoaProductions. Since then you could see her in almost every Psytrance Party stage in China: Psyfidelity(GP-Beijing), Wuxing(GP-Shanghai), Spirit Tribe(GP-Yunnan), Dance Project(DP-Wuhan), Shalanaya(Shanghai), Galactic Opera (Her new party brand). In DJ AnanWoO’s opinion, Psytrance parties are nothing new. This form of human expression is as old as human beings themselves being in essence spiritual exploration. The music, décor, visuals and atmosphere create an environment where people can enter into a state of ecstasy and feel freedom physical through dancing, but also appreciate what modern man has almost forgotten, our connection with Mother Nature. Psytrance can activate the human instinct to dance and contains the infinite energy vibrations of our seven chakras. DJ AnanWoO believes that only we first need to liberate our physical bodies to then be able to liberate our thinking, and dance is the perfect medium to accomplish that. DJ AnanWoO enjoys playing a wide range of Psytrance ranging from Psy-Progressive and Full On music, always reading the party and crowd perfectly. Allowing for everyone to enter the eternal human spiritual experience of Dance!




  Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.08.49 PM

Bodysnatcher, a local Beijing DJ. He has already performed at local Psytrance parties & festivals such as Spirit Tribe & Shalanaya also MIDI festival. In 2016 he and his friends found the local label called: Dark-Moon Tempo, started to make Psytrance parties in China. Now he is not only promoting this type of music but also dedicating himself to introducing psychedelic culture into China.

Bodysnatcher,来自北京。他已经在Spirit Tribe和Shalanaya以及迷笛电子音乐节等国内大型Psytrance派对和音乐节表演过。2016年他和他的朋友们共同创办了本土厂牌:Dark-Moon Tempo,并开始举办自己的派对。现在他不仅努力推广这种音乐形式,并且致力于将相关的文化传播到中国。

Sub-Genre: Night/Morning Full-on,Progressive,Forest


 GASSE (IT) Tupinamba Records



Gasse AKA Davide is an Italian DJ. The passion for music came in his early years. Since then he started to play first in a rock band (drums), than as DJ. The passion for Psytrance and Hardcore music came years ago, when he started to play in Italy in several Psy and Tekno parties. In 2010 he came to China and he continued to play Psytrance, focusing on Full-on and Progressive and just lately in production. In 2014 joined Goa Productions as a DJproducer and this year started his own label, Tupinamba Records, based in Bogota Colombia. Psytrance gives him energy that he love to share with people, creating an amazing psychedelic atmosphere.

Ender.sub (CN)

  Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 2.03.31 PM

Endersub (Angry5JaR)

Born in 1997

Focuses on Psy Trance in earlier musician career

Has turned to Deep.Techno. since around 2016

His eternal theme for electronic music is meaningful and deep

atmosphere and Interpersonal flow throughout his music interpretation

will conquer every note poured into your ears

从2016年开始他便活跃演出于国内的各大音乐节以及Live house 无论是北京的Modernsky Lab还是太湖的迷笛电子音乐节 以及长城的天漠音乐节等.都能看到他的身影。疯狂痴迷电子音乐的他 已经把这种音乐当做了生活中不可或缺的一部分 并习惯性的抓住生活中的每一个瞬间 每一个场景 无限的进行他的音乐创作

在2017年他荣幸参与了国内知名电子音乐厂牌燃音乐组织的Ran Groove vol.6的合集。其作品《Reach Out》在燃音乐的大力推广下登上了QQ音乐的热门精选位居首位。

同时在他的日常工作中也跨界于时装秀领域与游戏配乐领域 在2016年至2018年曾多次为迪拜 深圳 上海 武汉 厦门 北京等地的Fashion Show做音乐编辑以及秀场DJ。同时在2016年也联合声韵配乐一同参与了手游《创造与魔法》原声音乐的制作 其早期作品《宫》也被选入北京时装周知名童装品牌列为背景音乐

作为一名颇具个人风格特色的创作型Dj来说 他认为电子音乐展现的并不仅仅是文化和未来 而更像是一种妙不可言的语言 仿佛一直在复述着你内心深处的灵感 并让你从而明白许多当下世界的意义 同时他也一直认为一名优秀的Dj‘producer 更应该拥有“百尺竿头 更进一步”的思想 在学习的路上一直努力一直突破自我 寻找属于自己内心深处的那个精神世界。


Depth Of Field  (ES)


DoF/Depth of Field is the nom de guerre of Spanish eclectic artist Sergio Fernandez. His spectrum stretches across computer programming, filmmaking, design and photography. Rooted in Barcelona's DIY underground culture, he travelled and developed projects all across Asia for more than two years and is based in Beijing for the last three. Currently exploring the tangent roads connecting sound and visual experiences, is collaborating with various musicians and performing Visual Live sets in Psytrance festivals, rock, techno and D'n'B gigs with local and international artists around China.

Depth of Field即西班牙电子艺术家Sergio Fernandez。他研究领域涉及电脑编程、电影理论、平面设计和摄影。植根巴塞罗那地下DIY文化,他的足迹和作品遍及亚洲,现居住于北京。他目前致力于探索声音与影像联结互动的体验,并广泛与国际和本地现场艺术家合作,以VJ身份表演Psytrance和D'n'B等多种风格的实时影像艺术。










 3/F, Tongli Building (South Entrance), Sanlitun South

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晚上10:30 到早上


from 10:30 pm till late




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