CRANKDAT中国巡演 上海站

  • 预售票 (ARKHAM; 巨鹿路168号)
    上海ARKHAM 2017年5月26日 22:00
  • 普通票 (ARKHAM; 巨鹿路168号)
    上海ARKHAM 2017年5月26日 22:00
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来自俄亥俄州19岁的Crankdat(真名Christian Smith),因2015年的一首Fretty Wap的”Trap Queen“remix而在舞曲领域备受瞩目,并达到了120万的播放量。2016年,他与重量级trap制作人Lookas共同炮制出大热单曲 "Game Over”,并很快就得到了The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Excision等人的关注与支持。去年夏天,他前往澳大利亚和北美进行了巡回演出,他的"re-cranks"署名如病毒一般蔓延开来。大众对于Crankdat的音乐需求总是源源不断,而他自己也是在原创音乐的道路上不断努力,势必会给公众带来新的惊喜。


19-year-old Ohio native Christian Smith, more commonly known as Crankdat, first broke out onto the dance music scene in 2015 with his viral remix of Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" which has accrued 120+ million total streams to date. At the tip of the 2016, he released his massive "Game Over" collaboration with trap heavyweight Lookas, which swiftly went on to receive immense support from The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Excision and more. Over the summer, the young gun toured in Australia and the United States, all while releasing his signature "re-cranks" that have followed suit with the viral nature of his releases. The ever-growing demand for Crankdat is at an all-time high as the promising act sets himself up for a pivotal year filled with original music and a handful of surprises along the way.