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Sulumi - Abjuration
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孙大威1999年开始电子音乐创作并加入摇滚乐队“地下婴儿”。2002年开始涉猎电影、话剧配乐创作。并首次以“Sulumi”的名义制作由“摩登天空”发行的专辑《水的空气阻滞》。同年底创建个人电子厂牌 “Shanshui Records”。随后两年参加包括 “2003北京声纳电子音乐节” 和 “2004澳门数位牛房电子音乐节”等在内的重要演出。其间第二张专辑《visit<partial works<remix》由Shanshui发行。该唱片收录日本电子厂牌“19-T”和国内众多电子音乐人的Remix作品。
In 1999's,he began to electronic music creation and joined the rock band "underground baby".In 2002's began to cover the film, drama soundtrack creation. And for the first time in the name of "Sulumi" produced by the "modern sky" issue album "water air block." With the end of the year to create personal electronic label "Shanshui Records". Followed by two years to participate in, including "2003 Beijing Sonar Electronic Music Festival" and "2004 Macau several cattle house electronic music festival" and other important performances. During which the second album "visit <partial works <remix" by Shanshui release. The album contains the Japanese electronic label "19-T" and many domestic electronic music Remix works.

2006年开始在音乐中融入Low-Bit元素。使用Game Boy和Nanoloop音乐软件制作第三张专辑《立体声巧克力》,专辑内收录USK、Maru、Saitone三人的Remix作品,实验之声充满其中。之后与USK一起创作唱片《像嘴唇一样生动》。并与Covox、Aonami、Knifehandchop 在中国不同城市展开一系列演出。
Beginning in 2006 to incorporate Low-Bit elements into music. Use Game Boy and Nanoloop music software to make the third album "Stereo Chocolate", the album included USK, Maru, Saitone three Remix works, the voice of the experiment filled with them. After then,creation of the record with USK "like lips as vivid." And with Covox, Aonami, Knifehandchop in different cities in China to start a series of performances.

2008年初出版的唱片《混乱的舞蹈作用》使他的个人音乐事业出现了飞跃。唱片延续了之前的音乐概念,也更为成熟的展现了Chiptune音乐的精神。年底应邀参加在纽约举办的世界最大8Bit电子音乐节“Blip Festival 2008”,之后倍受各界人士瞩目。09年前后致力于为脑浊、新裤子、Jeans Team、Mochipet、Kid606制作一系列的Remix作品。
The album "Broken Dance" published at the beginning of 2008 made his personal music career a leap. The album continues the concept of music before, and more mature to show the spirit of Chiptune music. At the end of the year was invited to participate in the New York held the world's largest 8Bit electronic music festival "Blip Festival 2008", after much attention from all walks of life. 2009 years ago committed to the brain turbidity, new pants, Jeans Team, Mochipet, Kid606 production of a series of Remix works.

2015年专辑“Unconsciousness/无意识”在VICE CHINA出版。

“CTAFAD” 是一个新的音乐人计划。首张单曲《EP 1》由“Shanshui”发行,这是两首试探性的作品,音乐都是由实验迷幻,节奏和噪音混合而成。大部分原始的音色没有太多修饰,像大气层般的压迫感压,雄心勃勃的超声波实验。 最终,一个史诗般的内核声场在细致层面上显露出来。 节奏低音线从一开始就精通互动,逐渐展开而永不放松。
"CTAFAD" is a new musicial program. The first single "EP 1" by "Shanshui" issue, which is two tentative works, music is by the experimental psychedelic, rhythm and noise mixed. Most of the original sounds are not much modified, like atmospheric pressure-like pressure, ambitious ultrasound experiments. Eventually, an epic kernel sound field is revealed at the meticulous level. Rhythm bass line from the beginning to be proficient in interaction, gradually unfolded and never relax.
Sulumi - A Soul (feat. Covox)

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