Terms and Conditions

  • Compliance with laws

    Zaomengshe.com users agree to abide by Republic of China ( hereinafter referred to as " China " ) the relevant laws and regulations , including, but not limited to " Constitution of the PRC " , "Contract Law ", " PRC Telecommunications "" Internet information services " , " Internet electronic bulletin service management requirements "," People's Republic of Guarding State Secrets , "" national People's Congress Standing Committee on Guarding Internet Security regulations "and" People's Republic of computer information System Security protection Ordinance , "" computer Information network and Internet Security protection and Management "," copyright Law "and its implementing regulations, " administrative Protection of copyright on the Internet , " and so on. Only when the user agrees to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and this Agreement , the right to use zaomengshe.com ( regardless of whether the user intends to access or use the service ) . Please read this User Agreement carefully.

  • Project Fundraising

    Zaomengshe.com allows users ( ie, " project organizers " ) to raise funds by offering rewards to supporters of the project .  As a project organizer , the public can enter into a contract with you to pledge money to your project on zaomengshe.com . As a supporter , the reward is contractually between you and the project organizer. Zaomengshe.com is an impartial platform, zaomengshe is not responsible for launching or marketing events . All transactions exist only between the user and the user.

    Through zaomengshe.com supports projects , you must agree to abide by the following provisions:

        • Supporters agree to provide payment authorization information in commitment to support a project .
        • Supporters agree to allow zaomengshe.com and its partners (Alipay,Paypal) the right to authorize or charges.
        • If the project reaches it's end date without gaining %100 of it's target all supporters are entitled to a refund. Once the project reaches 100 % of the target it is deemed successful and supporters are not entitled to a refund.
        • To establish good credit and reputation , the project organizers will endeavor to achieve the completion of the project within a timely fashion of the zaomengshe.com project completion date / transfer of funds.
        • For all projects , zaomengshe supporters  will provide all necessary user names and contact information for the project organizer/s . When the project is successful, zaomengshe.com will provide  additional contact information and mailing address information to the project organizer/s.
        • The project organizer may request additional information directly from supporters after the success of the project . In order to ensure the rewards are received by the supporters.
          When such activity is difficult or impossible to meet the demand of return , project organizers and supporters can request a refund.
        • The project organizer must meet the stated requirements of the success of the project and ie rewards for supporters, or in the case that this is not possible the supporters must be contacted and refunded.
        • The project organizer may cancel or refund the supporters , when the refund is completed, the supporters agree that they will not receive previously stated rewards.
        • zaomengshe.com reserves the right to at any time for any reason cancel the project.
        • zaomengshe.com  reserves the right at any time for any reason to refuse , cancel, suspend  or remove the project.
        • zaomengshe.com is not liable for any damages.
        • zaomengshe.com does not assume any relevant return or loss arising as a result of services outage . Zaomengshe.com has no obligation to intervene in any dispute between users or users with other third party arising from use of the service disputes .
        • Including but not limited to the delivery of goods and services , other terms , conditions, warranties or representations relating to the activities associated with the site .
        • Zaomengshe.com is not responsible for community supervision of implementation and strict implementation of the project . You can authorize zaomengshe, its staff , employees , agents and the right to claim for damages successor all known or unknown , in public or private dispute resolution methods and services.
  • Project Fees:

    The charge for zaomengshe is 5%. This includes all Alipay transaction fees, Paypal/ credit card transaction fees and server costs.

    All funds will be transferred within 5 working days of a successful project's completion date, on the condition that the Project organizer's correct bank or alipay account details have been provided.

  • Eligibility

    At least 18 years of full civil capacity . Under 18 , please provide relevant information to assist the guardian

    PRC citizens. Non- PRC citizens living in China are also eligible providing they are able to provide a valid bank account, Paypal or Alipay account.

    Zaomengshe.com registered users have read , agree with and accept unconditionally the entire contents of Zaomengshe.com social implications User Agreement.

  • Project category:

    Zaomengshe.com supports the following items: live music,art, music, technology, design , video, publishing , cultural activities .

  • Project initiated :

    In the course of project organizers are expected to convey clearly the objective of  the project through content, text, picture or video.

    All project content on zaomengshe.com is by default the copywrite of the project organizer.  Intellectual property rights, shall not infringe the rights of others

    Published content must be in line with Chinese law, morality and Internet community order.

    When using the intellectual property of others respect the content rights of the holders, obtain the appropriate license or authorization.

    The following is prohibited on zaomengshe.com:

    • Any transactions involving equity, dividends, shares, loans repayment , profit-sharing , copyright sale or other types of project-related capital operation.
    • Projects with political, religious and /or ethnic agendas
    • Projects involving or alluding to the sale of prohibited substances and prohibited items
    • Projects with a long term remuneration program
  • Project Rewards:

    Projects rewards must be realistic and achievable. No exaggerated/ undeliverable rewards will be tolerated.

    After the success of the project , the initiator must perform as promised and deliver rewards to the supporters.