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为Techno音乐奋斗20余年,Mario Radecki 又名 Sammy 作为一个电子音乐的创新者拥有了不可磨灭的光环。


作为柏林传奇场地Tresor 和 Ostgut的前驻场,Sammy Dee已经因为他个人在系统中的表现赢得了大量的名誉,甚至在90年代改变了DJ混音的技巧。定义了空前未有的音乐艺术,Sammy的理念以及视角在所有唱片狂热爱好者以及“专业听众”当中传播开来。Sammy对于唱片的狂热,他与众不同的存在,微妙的贝斯线条,振荡器发出的怪异音色,所有这些元素都畅游在Sammy在Perlon厂牌的时期。


XLR8R Podcast 515: Sammy Dee


Sammy发起并持续运营的派对"...GET PERLONIZED!"自2011年每月在Berghain的Panorama Bar以及Tresor进行着,一度成为欧洲备受称赞的俱乐部活动。有一种独具启蒙性的力量是不因华而不实的过分宣传或者对于资本的疯狂崇拜而壮大的;但是柏林的艺术家用他们共同的音乐语言定义了在这里所有的一切。使用不同的名字和Guido Schneider以及Heiko Laux合作定义了德国大师。伙同他的"confederate in crime”以及Perlon厂牌的创始人, Zip和Sammy在1998年创建了Pantytec,简单的八个字母中包含了无穷无尽的情感、细节完美的追求以及对永恒时间的合理安排。Pantytec发行了六张出版物包括一张无所不在反对标签的全长专辑Pony Slaystation。



Perlon x Berghain




Sammy Dee的乳名叫做Ultrastretch,他以此为名在PERLON68专辑的B面发行了歌曲,并在2010年末用这个名字开始了塔子柏林周末的常规派对。派对会邀请与他气味相投的音乐家以及未被大众了解的后起之秀,不受音乐风格的限制,直至未来。2011年1月他们发行了Matthew Burton's的Who Loves You/Small Winner’。随后他们将会发行Half Hawaii的EP。



Revelation instead of obviousness, radical reduction versus reckless verve, ecstatic eternalness, anti-elastic dictatorship of utilization.

In the course of an existence amidst the international Techno circus manège that has been running for (in nearly correct mathematical terms) 20 years, Mario Radecki alias Sammy Dee was able to earn an irrevocable aura as an innovator of electronic music workmanship, far away from beaten mass consumption paths and neoteric- commercial validity. 


As a (former) resident of Berlin based genesis time venues Tresor and Ostgut, the name Sammy Dee has already been notorious for a passionate manifestation of systematic, personality changing mixing skills back in the 90s. Defining an unparalleled audio-arty range, the vinyl fanatic likes to disperse his beliefs and visions eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth to the skilled and listening audience. Through Sammy's audiophile and distinctive presence, subtle bass-lines are consistently oscillating alongside psychotic tunes, chopped and edgy explorations float through intangibly grotesque layers - all flawlessly sailing around a mediocre moment of time with a trademark, mischievious Perlon smile. 


The monthly club night hosted and curated by Sammy, "...GET PERLONIZED!", at infamous Panorama Bar, is anno 2011 one of the most prestigious club events Europe-wide. It has a certain illuminating power up it's sleeve, that can not be gained by promotional exuberance or by worshipping at the alter of capital return; but with musical consistency - keywords that encompass and define everything the Berlin born artist does. Various releases, inter alia in cooperation with Guido Schneider and Heiko Laux for Poker Flat and Kanzleramt respectively, are defining the German maestro's vita. Together with his "confederate in crime" and Perlon co-founder, Zip, Sammy created Pantytec in 1998 – eight letters that stand for an infinite flow of emotions, minimal perfection and properly arranged timelessness. Six publications followed, including one album full of all-pervading anti-labelling named Pony Slaystation. 


Working together with Bruno Pronsato, the man being described in this biographical text gave birth to Half Hawaii in 2006. To date, three physical liaison results have been manifctured on Perlon, hello?repeat and Diamonds & Pearls. 


Sammy Dee's youngest child is named Ultrastretch. Titled after the PERLON68-B-side and not to be confused with his regular party series at Berlin based Weekend club, Sammy founded Ultrastretch at the end of 2010 with a collective of like-minded musicians and cultivated artists who were ready to walk with him on his underground community based path into a non-genre-focussed and cross-benched/forthright future. Release #1 was realized in January 2011 with Matthew Burton's 'Who Loves You/Small Winner', a Half Hawaii EP is on it's way. 





值得一提的是,当晚,香港地下电子乐主领地位之一的Ocean Lam将作为支持者助阵,同时杭州厂牌LAF的B-Side也将为大家带来放松的Set.


 Ocean Lam 



Ocean的音乐简单明了却富含细腻情绪,techno、house、bassline、人声,她提炼出其中变换的韵律,将深邃、温暖、粗犷和细腻的情感注入机械的敲击鼓点中。目前,她在香港的两家地下俱乐部、oma和social room里放歌,她也是香港新晋地下俱乐部Social Room的音乐主管,负责策划安排艺术家的演出。


除去在香港的活动,Ocean也是许多国际大牌的合作首选,她曾与Sven Vath, Jimpster, Efdemin, Namito, Luke Hess, Nick Hoppner, Axel Boman和Marko Furstenberg,Sven Vath, Jimpster, Efdemin, Axel Boman, Luke Hess, Nick Hoppner, Namito, Oliver Duetschmann等同台演出。她是Clockenflap音乐节连续三年的演出重头戏,也是泰国Wonderfruit、越南河内Quest音乐节的常客。自然不乏在柏林,瑞典,阿姆斯特丹,比利时和巴萨罗那等派对城市的光顾演出。而她新发行的作品更能展现出香港地下电子乐的发展蓬勃。


Ocean也开始转型为制作人,在香港厂牌Typhoon 8以及伦敦厂牌Boulevard Records发行了五张唱片。你也可以在2017她的德国巡演中看到她在Melt和Feel音乐节的惊艳表现。


除了DJ和制作人的身份,她也是香港发展中电子音乐场景不可或缺的一位领路人。她创建了两个长时间运营的派对在以前的Bassment Bar。2014年,她开始在Oma和Social Room做Hypnotic派对,派对一如既往的获得听众和艺人的好评,派对名字来源于她持续运营长达八年的podcast。不论是Hypnotic还是她自己的演出,她曾经邀请过Tobias., Heiko Laux, Azimute, Basic Soul Unit, Manuel Fischer, Ryan Elliott, Oskar Offermann, Deetron, Dirt Crew, Dave DK等等艺人。作为Social Room的音乐总监,Ocean始终走在香港电子音乐场景的最前沿,日常与本地DJ合作并将本地文化推广到全球的地下文化当中。




Twisting her listeners through deep techno and acid sounds to warm house tracks, as dub techno chords, pumping basslines and delicate vocals drift together, Ocean's music is simple but moody, favouring human feelings over machine-like clicks and pops.


Currently holding residencies at Hong Kong's top two underground clubs, oma and Social Room, and also serving as Social Room's Music Director, Ocean Lam has been the go-to choice to support touring artists like Sven Vath, Jimpster, Efdemin, Axel Boman, Luke Hess, Nick Hoppner, Namito and Oliver Duetschmann. She has had headlining slots at Hong Kong's seminal arts and music festival, Clockenflap, for five years running, Sonar HK and has played at Wonderfruit in Thailand, Quest festival and Episode in Vietnam, and has regular gigs at various top clubs in the region: Faust (Seoul), Beam (Bangkok), The Council (Singapore), Time (Manila), Elevator (Shanghai), Savage (Hanoi) and The Observatory (Ho Chi Minh City). Ocean has also had a growing number of gigs outside of SE Asia, including notable clubs such as Berlin's Goldengate, Renate , Ipse and Barcelona's Moog, and in other cities including Amsterdam, and Belgium. Ocean has also made the transition to producing her own music, with five releases on HK label Typhoon 8 Records and one on Boulevard Records London. 2017 Germany tour also see her performance at Melt and Feel Festival.


Aside from her DJing and music production, Ocean has positioned herself as one of the leaders in Hong Kong's growing electronic music scene. She founded two long- running nights at the former Bassment Bar, and in 2014 she started the always- strong Hypnotic parties mainly at Oma and Social Room, named for a podcast/ mixset series she has been doing for the last 8 years. Whether on her own with Hypnotic or with her previous collaborations, she has hosted many international artists including Tobias., Heiko Laux, Azimute, Basic Soul Unit, Manuel Fischer, Ryan Elliott, Oskar Offermann, Deetron, Dirt Crew, Dave DK, to name but a few. Her Music Director role at Social Room has put Ocean at the forefront of HK's electronic music scene, working and collaborating regularly with local DJs and crews, as well as exposing the local audience to international underground artists.







B-side(Laf)Dj、Crate Digger、Party Promoter




Date : 1月20日 Sat, 20, Jan. 

Time : 22:00 
Address : 杭州市上城区中山南路77号313室 
313, 77 Zhongshan South Road 

Artist : Sammy Dee

Support : B-Side / Ocean Lam

Tickets : 60RMB(预售presale) / 80RMB(现场door)  


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