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NOVA Shanghai presents
NOVA w/ Florian Meindl @ Arkham, Shanghai, China


NOVA is a monthly premium techno club event featuring top notch international headliners and the best of local talent.
For the premiere edition, NOVA brings you the sounds of the Austrian techno pioneer, Florian Meindl. Florian Meindl is a multi-talented artist currently living in Berlin, who is renowned for his technical prowess. Producing for over fourteen years, Florian has become known for his deep, grooving powerful techno. His productions are characterised by his love of analog, which represent his true signature sound. 2006 saw the inception of Florian’s label-FLASH Recordings. In addition to solo releases and numerous collaborations with international artists, and remixing the likes of Hot Chip & Royksopp, Florian is busy with his sound design brand Riemann Kollektion and Riemann Modular which is his new studio gear company.

Nova是一个每月举办一次的高级艺术俱乐部,其特点是汇集了一流的国际顶尖人才和最优秀的本地人才。 在首映版中,Nova为您带来了奥地利艺术先驱者Florian Meindl的声音。 Florian Meindl是一个多才多艺的艺术家,目前居住在柏林,他因他的艺术实力而享有盛名。 Florian创作音乐作品超过十四年,他以他有深度、节奏、且强有力的音乐而众所周知。他的作品的特点是他对电子乐的热爱,这也象征着他真正的颇具标志性的声音。2006年,Florian的厂牌-Flash-Recordings诞生了。 除了个人专辑发行外,还与众多的国际艺术家有合作,并且还制作了类似于Hot Chip and Royksopp的作品,Florian忙于打理他的新工作室,音乐设计品牌Riemann Kollektion and Riemann Modular。


Florian Meindl (FLASH Recordings)

Supported by:
Jasmine Li, Lina K, Max Shen, Miiia


Presale: 120
Door: 160


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