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SHFT. 五周年活动特别呈现:KEYS N KRATES 上海演出

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从多年前在多伦多成立的第一天起,Keys N Krates就将他们的标签深深烙印于电子音乐世界的蓝图中。他们以标志性的灵动低音节拍,融合EDM,hiphop和其他多种元素雕琢出独一无二的流派。Keys N Krates由鼓手Adam Tune,键盘手David Matisse以及搓碟大师Jr. Flo组成,他们作为现今世界上最出色的电子live组合之一,以不可思议的现场乐器演奏和充满激情的set表现力在国际舞台中大放异彩。Keys N Krates于近期释出了首张正式专辑”Cura”,他们对于乐器和音乐的精湛把控力在这张专辑中展现的淋漓尽致。

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“Cura”融汇了Keys N Krates多年电子音乐制作的精华,你可以感受到他们从乐器型电子音乐人向全能制作大师转变的全新突破。”Cura”表现着他们炉火纯青的音乐素养,充满灵魂的电子音乐迸发出令人着迷的精神触感,他们还在这张专辑中加入了摒弃常规的实验性尝试。Keys N Krates受邀参与制作格莱美提名歌手Tory Lanez的单曲“Music to My Ears”,并以动态弦乐和混响低音的编曲组合助力这首歌曲上升到全新高度。

Keys N Krates将在2018年带着他们的最新专辑Cura延续世界巡演,包括美国,加拿大,欧洲以及亚洲和澳大利亚。在世界巡演的旅程中,他们还将受邀参与顶级国际电子音乐节的演出,如Sónar香港,Ultra迈阿密及Electric Forest音乐节。


Since forming a decade ago in their native Toronto, Keys N Krates have carved their own path via a bass-centric, sample-driven sound which melds the realms of electronic, hip-hop and beyond. The group—composed of drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse and turntablist Jr. Flo.—has built a venerable reputation as one of the leading live electronic acts today on the strength of their onstage instrumentation and energetic sets. Keys N Krates now elevate their craft with ​Cura​, their debut artist album.


Reflecting a sonic evolution many years in the making,​Cura ​sees Keys N Krates evolving from revered instrumental beat-makers into musically sophisticated producers and songwriters. ​Cura embodies Keys N Krates’ matured style of now: soulful electronic music created with an organic touch, allowing for open experimentation and sonic curiosity. On “Music to My Ears,” ​dynamic strings and reverberant bass provide a joyous backbone to Grammy-nominated vocalist Tory Lanez’ uplifting hook.

Keys N Krates will spend 2018 on an extensive world tour in support of ​Cura​, performing headlining shows across the US, Canada, and Europe, with additional shows in Asia and Australia. In-between tour stops, they are set to grace festival stages at Sónar Hong Kong, Ultra Music Festival, and Electric Forest.


DATE日期:3月16日 周五 Friday, March 16th

ADDRESS: No. 168, Julu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

地 址: 上海市巨鹿路168号


Early Bird早鸟-120RMB,

Presale 预售-200RMB,


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