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5.25 “宿醉の前夜”张浩南乐行级专场

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thinking, open-ended language and style (including fragments of freestyle) through the sea final confirmation of 12 works to participate, and finally by the audience voted to select the most favorite and most supportive players.
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「Asymmetric」Modular Live

"MCHNWRKS Records," operator of the bridge between New York and Bangkok, and artist of modular modulation for the live bass TECHNO space
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5.25 | 韩国标志性独立电子音乐厂牌OSLATED造访.TAG

  Oslated创立于首尔,是韩国当今最具标志性的电子音乐厂牌之一。并致力于发掘韩国、台湾、日本、及世界各地的独立电子音乐人,为亚洲电子音乐人创造了交流平台,Oslated Mix中网罗了韩国国內外的资深与新锐电子音乐人的作品。   Oslated创作发行作品多以迷幻神秘、深沉暗黑为基地,并不时加入民族音乐元素、自然采样、与实验音乐元素的有趣碰撞。      艺术不能单打独斗   “我觉得艺术不能是一个人闷着头做,艺术家之间的交流合作特别重要,我是建议大家可以发展自己的厂牌。跟年轻艺术家合作。”                                    ——Oslated 厂牌主理人Oslon     5.25 Oslated厂牌主理人,携我们的老朋友Romi造访.TAG舞池。       OSLON  …

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China Social Club 5th Birthday

China Social Club is turning 5 this Saturday at Dada! They grow up so fast. PCJ and Frau will be raising sails for this voyage with a crew of Knopha and MIIIA in tow. Techno, rave, house all night. 5th birthday. Check. Sick line up. Check. A concept as ironclad as Pirates? Shiver me timbers.  China Social Club will also be selling a couple of limited edition CSCull and Crossbones flags on the night. First in best dressed.
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TGTR is teaming up with IT’S THE SHIP CHINA, to bring the ultimate afterparty stage to the ‘biggest festival at sea’ Saturday, the 25th of May sees UK dance music maestro Ashley Beedle join us for an extraordinary pre party through various musical genres, embracing the sounds of house, deep house, soul, funk disco, Balearic music.
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Come Correct hip hop

The Come Correct Crew hosts the OG weekly hip hop and urban music night every Wednesday. Come Correct has been running since 2011 and has been a platform for many of the cities aspiring DJ’s and rappers come up. Drop by Dada Shanghai and get in touch with your urban self.
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