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HaveSense·TheBigChill Room

Havesense invite you for a chill party on Sunday 20 January 2019. It’s also called the big chill day,Chinese the last solar term.We have yoga room,origin room and chill party room for all kind of people who want to chill out together.
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  • 15 Backers
  • ¥570 Funded
  • 8 Hours to Go

XIA | 下

Celebrating the triple anniversaries that month of Marine, Arno and Kodama! Bringing aural pleasure we are extremely proud to present a very special guest - Cruel Buddhist. The Shanghai based musician and producer of Lofi, R&B, Funk and Vaporwave, signed to Eating Music, incorporates looping and improvisation into his live sets using a sampler, synthesizer, guitar, and vocoder. In addition we also have the debut appearance of Biboux, who blends dub, house, chill-hop and ambient into an eclectic live performance. Kodama will bring his trademark psybient with some dubbage thrown in Finally, Arno D. & Johannes return, as always, for a majestic live chill-step and drumming set.
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  • 5 Days to Go


Presle 70 RMB with 1 drink, House / Techno / Disco. San Proper is an undeniable staple in the Amsterdam music scene with a legacy built on his unique and unpredictable approach to music and larger than life personality.
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  • 6 Days to Go


Azoth returns to Dada Shanghai with a black, ghostly atmosphere! DJ producers Swimful, Khemist and Damacha bring Doom Wave, Morbid Trap, Black Metal, and Terror-Core IDM music.
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  • 6 Days to Go

FU#K - A Night of Funk

FU#K - A Night of Funk Vowing on a concept together after randomly playing an off kilter set of Punk, Funk and Soul together over 3 years ago. this night has been a long time in the making. Coming from varied musical backgrounds, Cavia:China DMC Champion and Allan Marshall: Founder of Yeti Dis:ko share a distinct cross section in their Funk collections and rarities. Joining together for a Back to Back Jam of feel good Slap Bass and resolute Groove, they present to you FU#K - A Night of Funk.
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  • 7 Days to Go

RnV presents SPECTRUM

This multi genre party checks in at Dada to tickle your senses with the kick, snare, bass.  We invite all lifeforms from all corners of the galaxy to shake it on the dance floor and revel in the sound waves of Reggae, Dubstep, Jungle, and Drum & Bass. Mind-bending visuals, primo local artists and special guests.
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  • 12 Days to Go


POPASUDA hits Dada for another instalment of global dance music. Expect an 8 hour set from Skinny Brown, full of international sounds, remixed and bassed-up for the dance floor. It's always a wicked party at China's longest running Global Bass night. POPASUDA.
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  • 13 Days to Go

Hologram Dreams

"A voyage from funk into the future…" DJs Heatwolves and special guest Illsee (Stockholm Syndrome / aqualung) take Dada's dancefloor on a hyperloop journey from City-Pop, Italo Disco, and Chicago House into New Wave, Electro, and cybernetic madness. Seminal classics, brand new sounds, unknown pleasures, and rare anime visuals. Free entry.
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  • 34 Days to Go


Time:2019.3.21-23 20:30 place:NUTS LIVEHOUSE add : DE YI Fashion Mall, Jiao Chang Kou, Yu Zhong District.
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  • 60 Days to Go