Footprint Session 带来荷兰电子乐领域最具影响力DJ/制作人之一 Secret Cinema

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FOOTPRINT Session with Secret Cinema

时间: 星期五, 2014.04.04


地址: 成都 青羊区 少成路10 近人民公园

票价: 预售 – RMB 60 | 现场 – RMB 80 含一份饮料

Supporting DJs: NiChiFanLeMei, Andy Mac, Dbassman,Maggie Holly 


Secret Cinema

在过去20多年里,化名为Secret Cinema的Jeroen Verheij 可以不算是世界Techno电子音乐领域里具有影响力或最好的DJ制作人,但他绝对是在荷兰电子音乐领域里最具影响力和最好的DJ制作人之一。

在他DJ制作生涯里拥有着太多作品成为了派对动物们记忆中永远的经典曲目如Timeless Altitude, Sonar System, Mary Go Wild 等以及在Techno教父 Sven Vath 厂牌 Cocoon发行的Shake Your Tech Ass 和 Kurzweil。他带着这些经典曲目,跑遍世界各地俱乐部和各大音乐节,包括做为Awakening Festival收尾DJ (在历史上只有Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer 和Dave Clarke 拥有为该音乐节做收尾DJ的资格)。

Jeroen完全生活呼吸在电子音乐里就更不用说了,但自90年代至今他仍然拥有对舞台和电子音乐的激情和热情是值得尊敬的。Secret Cinema在自己个人走红成功后,开始集中精力创办了“GEM”,其中的一个项目“Gem Records”,是在全球电子领域里发展最快的电子音乐厂牌。同时GEM也打造了众所周知的DJ制作人有Egbert, Ramon Tapia, Sian等。Secret Cinema就是全球电子音乐领域里最闪亮的宝石并会一直闪亮下去!

Special Support DJ : Maggie Holly


来自北京,极具亲和力的模特/DJ Maggie


FOOTPRINT Session with Secret Cinema 

Date: Fri, 04.04.2014

Venue: AMO MIO
Venue Address: Shaocheng Road #10, Western of Tianfu Square and near by The People’s Park, Chengdu, China 

Ticket: Presales – RMB 60 | Door – RMB 80 include ONE drink

Supporting DJs: NiChiFanLeMei, Andy Mac, Dbassman,Maggie Holly 

Secret Cinema


For the past 20 years, Jeroen Verheij aka Secret Cinema has consistently been regarded as one of Netherland’s, if not the world’s top techno producers and live acts.


During this time he has produced some of the biggest techno anthems including Timeless Altitude, Sonar System, Mary Go Wild and two of the popular tunes on Sven Vath’s Cocoon Records – Shake Your Tech Ass & Kurzweil. He has headlined many of the biggest festivals around the globe including closing the Awakenings Festival (a spot that only Secret Cinema, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Dave Clarke have held since its inception).


Jeroen lives and breathes electronic music not to mention, he still holds as much passion and enthusiasm on stage as he did in the early 90′s. After the lengthy success of his solo Secret Cinema project, Jeroen has focused his energy toward a new venture aptly named “Gem” which is a platform consisting of Gem Records (one of the fastest growing global techno labels) and the highly regarded Gem events which has built an absolute cult following over the past several years. To put it simply, Secret Cinema is one of the brightest shining Gems of the global techno scene and will continue to shine for many years to come!


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