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Spirit Tribe In the City

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Kraak & Smaak Sound System Wim Ivar press 2018

Kraak&Smaak组合以个人或乐队演出,在荷兰各大俱乐部和音乐节愈发火热,曾受邀到全球最大的音乐节如美国的SXSW,Coachella,WMC,CMJ,英国的Glastonbury,荷兰的Lowlands和欧洲最闻名的音乐节Sziget等巡演。第二张专辑“Plastic People”在2008年诞生后,英国著名电子音乐杂志IDJ将K&S评为“必须到现场观看的演出”,与Chemical BrothersThe Prodigy并列。在美国巡演时他们更受邀到ABC的吉米脱口秀客串,受到美国主流音乐圈的关注,连Kanye West也声称是Squeeze me单曲的忠实粉丝。与刚出道的Adele同年,K&S也在欧洲跨国界音乐奖(EBBA)赢得了国际声誉。

2015年,Kraak&Smaak开始筹划他们第五张专辑Juicy Fruit。经过Spinnin'和Axtone等知名厂牌的单曲发行之后,他们希望能够重新回归他们首次亮相的有机声音。这促使了热门单曲“I don’t Know Why”的诞生 - 再次亮相吉米秀,并由众多歌手Parcels,Cleopold,ALXNDR London和Eric Biddines等演唱增彩。他们的专辑在2016年春季发行,随后受邀一系列在全欧洲,美洲和亚洲的国际巡演,并再次在2017年的Glastonbury现场表演。

灵族将在中国地下派对的大本营出发,6月15日为深圳带来一对国际级的Disco歌唱组合!刚结束欧洲和美国巡演的Kraak&Smaak将首次来到中国,以DJ和歌手的组合形式,结合深圳本地DIsco的传奇人物:Dante (Mauvision), Quest (Mettasonic)和Purple Key (Deeplomatic / Cutt)一起点燃派对气氛!灵族精灵Futurarcade充满幻想的视觉装饰将为深圳最前沿的地下派对OIL带来一场与众不同的Nu Disco派对。来跟灵族In the City派对一起享受这位国际大牌Disco制作人的魅力吧!

Performing both as DJs and with a full live band, quickly turned out to be a musical phenomenon on the Dutch club and festival circuit, leading to invitations to play at Europe’s s biggest festivals and renowned US festivals like SXSW, Coachella, Miami's WMC and New York's CMJ.

The acclaimed UK dance magazine IDJ labelled K&S as a “Must see live act”, together with big guns such as Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Even Kanye West declared himself a fan after seeing Squeeze Me’s ground breaking video. To top things off, they won the European Border Breakers Award (EBBA), the same year as a then emerging Adele. The band subsequently performed at Glastonbury in the UK, Lowlands in the Netherlands and Europe's biggest festival, Sziget.

In 2015 Kraak & Smaak started planning their fifth album Juicy Fruit. After a run of single releases on acclaimed dance labels like Spinnin’ and Axtone they wanted a return to the organic sound of their debut. This lead to a collab with Mayer Hawthorne on the successful single I don’t Know Why – picked up again by Jimmy Kimmel, and fresh new vocal contributions by upcoming international talents as Parcels, Cleopold, ALXNDR London and Eric Biddines.

Spirit Tribe is bringing you a night of sizzling Nu Disco delights with international top act KRAAK&SMAAK! On June 15th we arrive at OIL for the Shenzhen leg of their first China wide tour! Coming straight from their US and Europe tour, Kraak&Smaak will perform their unique DJ and vocals live act, supported by a top-notch line up of local talents to groove through the night at Shenzhen’s prime underground venue. They’ll rock the dance floor together with Shenzhen’s local talent Dante (Mauvision), Quest (Mettasonic) and Purple Key (Deeplomatic / Cutt), to get your groove going and them hips shakin'! Discodelic Decor and Spirit Tribe's visual wizard Futurarcade will turn OIL into a sparkling jungle for Shenzhen's party animals. Be with us as the air will vibrate all night long for Shenzhen’s edition of Spirit Tribe: In The City!

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地址:福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A(下沙站D出口)     Address:11A Ground Floor, Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd     Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District

演出时间:6月15日晚上10点     预售Presale50RMB/现场Door80RMB

预售将在6月15日中午截止  Presale ends at noon, 15 June.