FREAK OUT Shenzhen

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    Tom Live November 3, 2018 19:00
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    Tom Live November 3, 2018 19:00
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    Tom Live November 3, 2018 19:00
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FREAK OUT万圣节仓库派对深圳站

知道今天几号了吗?万圣节马上就要到了!这是每年为数不多的最肆无忌惮的狂欢,即使你想裸奔也绝对不会有人diss你(只会把你的视频传到网上),每年的这一个夜晚,你最爱的FREAK OUT会将整个城市隔离,怪咖出没,百鬼夜行,务必,小心。

今年的FREAK OUT比之前的任何一场都更加宏大,国内外的艺术家,DJ,Rapper,会和我们一起RAVE ALL NIGHT,我们请来了传奇的SAID THE SKY,说唱新秀BBNO$,还有你们强烈要求的DR.FRESCH, 这是他第一次来到中国!当然还有时下最火的TY.! 

每一年的FREAK OUT票都卖的飞快,今年一定记得早点下手,不然就,没,有,了!一票难求啊

Are you ready for Halloween!? The one time of the year where you can wear your underwear to the party an no one will judge you ; )  The one night of the year that all the Freaks of the city come out to play.

 For the first time ever, China's biggest Halloween Warehouse Rave - BUDX FREAK OUT - comes to your city! We are taking over a massive warehouse putting a big bad ass stage inside and transforming it into a Haunted Insane Asylum! We welcomes 1000's of freaky party people to come dressed in the craziest costumes. We are giving a 1000 RMB cash prize to the best dressed couple!



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