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Marcus L ,一位一直在旅途中求索,发展的艺术家。降生于首尔,在英国度过青年时期,后又迁居至柏林,像进行了一场漫游式的电子音乐艺术实验后,除了是一名职业DJ,他回到首尔,在市中心,一手打造了,现在亚洲最有影响力的跳舞音乐俱乐部之一——Faust,浮士德。这个在充满未知与迷惘的现实中,以一个试炼者的身份,不断探寻真理的Faust形象,俱乐部命名如此,或许是Marcus将自我,也投入进了对音乐艺术形式不断解惑实验的一个印记。



Marcus L不断受到邀约,在亚洲各国甚至是欧洲的跳舞音乐活动上大放异彩。今年11月份的

Quest Festival和十二月份的EPIZODE festival也将亮相。在这周五,10月12号,他将来到Nomad为大家分享他过去旅途中每一步的音乐启发。



Marcus L has been in motion his whole life—growing up in Seoul, coming of age in England, decamping to Berlin ,like doing a diffuse electronic music art experiment, in addition to being a professional DJ, he returned to Seoul, in the heart of the city, and built, now, one of the most influential dance music clubs in Asia -- Faust.His deeply syncopated brand of electronic dance music has evolved with every step of the journey.This image of Faust, in the full of unknown and confused reality, as an experimenter, constantly searching for truth, so named by the club, may be a mark that Marcus puts himself into the experiment of music art form.

Marcus L is constantly being invited to dance music events in Asia and Europe. November

The Quest Festival and the EPIZODE Festival in December will also feature. On Friday, October 12, he'll be coming to Nomad to share his music inspiration for every step of his past travels.


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