Crafties Reunion

发布联系人: DADA Shanghai


Beaten Space Probe



Nik HilP 




DJ Lucy,实际上是在2000年开始DJ。现在,他在Lost Heaven担任音乐指导,曾在上海,墨尔本和曼谷香港各地都有演出,包括BAR ROUGEKEE CLUBURVC DADA BAR 等。


一开始,DJ只是Lucy喜欢做的事情,是在大学时的兴趣。上学时,因为他有很多机会参加各种派对和活动,这让他有机会进化并发展他自己的风格。对于他来说,播放歌曲就像看电影一样,因为这是一种安排,有起伏。它既不是125-128 bpm的环绕,也不是四四拍的叠加。它必须从缓慢的歌曲开始,慢慢安排,从浪漫的摇滚,经典的老歌,轰动的RB,迪斯科独立摇滚甚至舞蹈元素,观众可以感受到不同的音乐风格和节拍速度。他说:大多数派对都专注于DJ,音乐是大气的一部分,空间的建构与音乐同等重要。


Velvet Robot

从小学习古典钢琴的Velvet Robot少年时期年在摇滚乐队中充当键盘收,并且受到了爱好迪斯科的父母的启发。所有这些影响都可以在她的音乐集中展现出来,她展示了她音乐DNA的两面:DiscoFunkNu DiscoItaloNew WaveLatinAfroBoogieSwingOld SkulRetro TuneFuture Jazz, Electro,Dark DiscoNew / Cold / Dark WaveEBM,工业,IndieShoegazePost PunkSynth Pop等。




------DADA SHANGHAI------

[DADA BAR]  上海独立文化、地下音乐活动场地。

每周一休息, 21点开门, 22点后DJ上台。

地址: 上海长宁区幸福路115号 (近法华镇路)







EVENTCrafties Reunion

DATESaturdayMarch 162019

VTICKETSFree entry

ENUEDada Shanghai

DJs: Beaten Space Probe,Nik HilP ,Lucy,Velvet Robot




Beaten Space Probe

Chilled-out vodka bar Craft hosts Japanese DJ Beaten Space Probe, who is flying in straight out of the Tokyo underground to serve up his jubilant and impossibly catchy disco and funk.



 Nik HilP 

Handsome stubble wearer, mother of 2, DJ, Indian, not an indian, “design-head” and proud educator. Doing (some)thing(s) at the crossroads of minimalism and multiculti tribalism, with a not in my backyard disdain of hippies. His purpose is to craft experiences: concept is the foundation of everything else. Nothing is true. Two names: Kandinsky and Bauhaus.




DJ Lucy, he actually started DJing in 2000. Now, he works as the Music Direction at Lost Heaven on the bund he plays everywhere in Shanghai and Melbourne and Hong kong Bangkok including Bar rouge KEE CLUB URVC DADA BAR CRAFT ect.

At very beginning, DJ was just something that he enjoy doing, just an interest for him at college. As an amateur jockey he was pretty lucky, because he got many chances to perform in various parties and events that gave him the opportunity to evolve and grow his very own style.

For him, playing songs is like watching a movie, because it is an arrangement, having ups and downs. It is neither the hover of the 125-128 bpm nor the stack of the four-four beat song. It must start from the slow songs and be arranged slowly, ranging from romantic rock, classic old songs, sensational R&B, disco indie rock even to the dancing elements, by which the audience can feel different music styles and the beat speed. "Most parties focus on DJ, and music is part of the atmosphere. And the construction of space has the same importance as music."he said.



Velvet Robot

The only female resident DJ in Craft Shanghai and the crew of "Discosmic Adventure"- the best party series of Italo/Disco in Shanghai. Also organizing "Synth Crush!" in Dada bi-monthly.

Used to played classical piano music in childhood, then turned into keyboard player in Rock bands in teenage, and her parents are Disco lover. Those experiences formed the variation in her set, Velvet- Disco, Funk, Nu Disco, Italo, New Wave, Latin, Afro, Boogie, Swing, Old Skul, Retro Tune, Future Jazz, etc. Robot- Electro, Dark Disco, New/Cold/Dark Wave, EBM, Industrial, Indie, Shoegaze, Post Punk, Synth Pop etc.