TGTR 002 w/ Jordan GCZ

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  • 0支持者 Electric Circus, Shanghai 2019年2月23日 22:00


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After an unforgettable debut night, TGTR is back at it again on the 23rd of February at Electric Circus showcasing the China debut of the American native, Amsterdam based JORDAN GCZ.

One half of Juju & Jordash and the infamous Magic Mountain High - JORDAN GCZ is a formidable producer and DJ in his own right. He is a major proponent of live, often improvised techno. As JORDAN GCZ he's channeled those jammy impulses into jazzier house music, sounds that are more soulful than spacey.

Since 2013, the artist has released about one EP a year, all of which were made to an exacting standard. He put out an EP last year on Rush Hour Music called Pinball Lizard - a dreamy dance floor bomb full of strange twists and electro movements that is just in itself a cutting testament to his creative powers, honed over years as a figure working in the front lines of electronic music.

His skills as a DJ work in parallel as a story of eclectic mastery, fusing old soul and groove to hard hitting house workouts at will. Expect nothing but dense and colourful house from one half of Juju & Jordash.

在上一个难忘的首演之夜后,TGTR将于2月23日于Electric Circus再次亮相,为大家呈现来自阿姆斯特丹的美国音乐人JORDAN GCZ的中国首秀。

JORDAN GCZ是Juju & Jordash和著名的Magic Mountain High成员之一。作为solo时他是一个强大的制作人和DJ,善于现场即兴创作表演,尤其是techno。当他以JORDAN GCZ身份表演的时候,更倾向于迷幻而动感的浩室音乐。

自2013年以来,这位音乐人平均每年发布一张高水准制作的EP。去年他在Rush Hour Music旗下发布的EP《弹球蜥蜴》,像一颗梦幻的舞池炸弹,体现了他丰富的电子音乐创造力,这是他在电子音乐场景前线磨练多年技艺的成果。

请期待由这位拥有超强混音能力的Juju & Jordash成员为您带来一个缤纷的浩室音乐之夜!