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    上海市黄浦区电场 June 14, 2019 21:30
Contact: 电场 Electric Circus TEL:18601746229


DATE: 2019年6月14日,星期五

VENUE: Electric Circus电场

DJs: Fat K, Leemo

TICKETS: 12:00 前 100 RMB 门票   12:00 后 150 RMB 门票(均含 Absolut mini 一瓶)



2019年是石墙运动50周年纪念,今年全球最大的骄傲节也将在石墙运动的发源地 - 纽约举行。我们的骄傲月特别企划将以纽约最为代表性的LGBTQ+人物之一的 Andy Warhol 以及他著名的工作室 The Factory 为灵感,我们在这个特别的日子里将不会惧怕外界的眼光,在属于你自己的 Factory 里大放异彩,闪亮动人。当晚每一位客人都会是我们The Factory 的灵感缪斯用你大胆的本色重现那八十年代的奢靡时光,由内而外地做最最真实骄傲的你。

在这个六月我们搭上魔都热岛效应的早班车带领着大家一起来到上海外滩最潮流地标艾迪逊酒店内当家夜店Electric Circus,双DJ不间断为大家整晚带来轻快律动的Disco节奏。

还不快带上你的三五姐妹穿上你新买的清凉新衣来和我们一起跳到天亮!为了大家谋福利, 整晚标准酒水80元。是不是听到已经心动了呢?周五我们不见不散。

Fat K

DJ Fat K是上海本土80后,在2012年正式开始了他的DJ生涯。在上海各种大大小小的活动, 酒吧都有他的身影。致力于研究搓盘技术以及挖掘各类不同的派对音乐,擅长各类精选的新/老派 Hiphop, FunkSoul, Disco音乐。


Leemo 曾是⼀名职业乐⼿,自幼学习中国传统音乐和打击乐。05年 第⼀次在互联网上接触到电⼦音乐并深受Daftpunk、The Chemical Brothers影响,在法国巴黎深造期 间接触到纯正的house音乐和摩登音乐,他开始尝试在各种派对中分享音乐。



上海艾迪逊酒店的创始人 lan Schrager 也就是当年风靡一世的纽约夜店 Studio 54 的创始人,无数政商名流都是这里的常客,当然Andy Warhol 也不例外。在2018年他将其掌上明珠精品酒店艾迪逊带到上海,同时带来的也是独具一别的纽约曼哈顿的大都会摩登风情,周五我们在这等你。

Electric Circus 汇集世界各地优秀的音乐人、艺术家、舞蹈家, 呈现最佳的音乐现场体验,国际级音效、灯光以及视觉系统,打造出顶级的上海夜生活新据点。

Electric Circus: 南京东路199号辅楼7楼, 近河南中路


DATE:  Friday, June 14st, 2019

VENUE: Electric Circus电场

DJs: Fat K, Leemo

TICKETS: 100 RMB ENTRY ( Before 12:00 )   150 RMB ENTRY ( After 12:00 )

( Includes an Absolut mini )




Plastic will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall movement will a tribute to the fabulous 70s and 80s by recreating the atmosphere of Warhol’s famous New York Factory. This was the hub of Warhol’s creativity in art and film and helped define the 80s.It’s time to get your disco on and take a trip back in time to the heady days of New York’s Studio 54 and the glamour and creativity of pop art icon Andy Warhol.

Before the summer heat wave hits Shanghai. We have decided to bring all our lovely boys and girls to the new hottest place in town. Drumrolls, please! The Electric Circus is located in the edition hotel boasting a 1st class sound system. With our two special DJs, the night will be xtra xtra fun!

Providing you with funky beats and rhythm so you and your friends can really enjoy the night. In order to give y’all a better party experience, for the whole night, the standard drinks will only be 80 RMB per glass. Sounds legit right? Let’s get the party started!

Fat K

DJ FatK hails from Shanghai Started his DJ career in 2012 Focusing on Scratching techniques and digging the best music that fit all kinds of the different crowd He plays an eclectic mix of old/new school Hip-hop, Funksoul Disco with strong soul influences.


Leemo, a former professional musician who studied traditional Chinese music and percussion music. He first came into contact with electronic music on the Internet and was deeply influenced by Daft Punk、The Chemical Brothers in 2005. While studying in Paris, he was exposed to the purest of house music and began sharing his discoveries at various parties.

                                           THE SHANGHAI EDITION                                      .

Lan Schrager, the founder of the Shanghai Edition Hotel, is known for founding the one of a kind Studio 54 in NYC, where numerous political and business celebrities frequently visit, and, of course, Andy Warhol was one of them. In 2018, he brought his boutique brand Edition together with the unique metropolitan vibe to Shanghai, from half way across the world to you. My dear friends, we are about to feel the vibe at the very Shanghai Edition Hotel this Friday night!

At Electric Circus, experience a collection of musical tastes and flavors from the best DJs with a world-class sound lighting and VJ system, and the highest quality service Shanghai has to offer and you' ll begin to realize that Electric Circus intends to give you a night out like none other.

Electric Circus: 7/F, Heritage Building, 199 Nanjing Dong Lu

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