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    上海市黄浦区ARKHAM August 17, 2019 21:00
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    August 17, 2019 21:00
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Andy, better known as IVORY, is an electronic music producer out of Paris, France. IVORY began making music in 2011 but it wasn’t until 2012 he was introduced to dubstep and it was love at first sound. In 2016 “Retro”, his first release via 193 Records, reached number 1 on Beatport and was heavily supported by reputable artists such as Skrillex, Zomboy, and Borgore. The following year, after releasing his first EP “Hacked” that gained attention from powerhouse labels like NSD Black Label & Disciple Round Table. In 2018, IVORY released his second EP “Next Level” (NSD Black Label) that gathered even more attention from top charting bass artists like Excision, NGHTMRE, & Slander. This led to IVORY producing  official remixes for respected artists such as Herobust, Dion Timmer, Snails, Spag Heddy, Tisoki, and Space Laces. IVORY has become an internationally renowned producer, playing shows from Australia to Canada to all over Europe. Expect IVORY to lay down the bass everywhere he goes in 2019. 电子音乐制作人IVORY来自法国巴黎,2011年便开始制作音乐。但直到2012年他第一次接触到dubstep之后,才终于找到了自己所热爱的音乐风格。2016年,IVORY在193 Records旗下发布了自己的首支单曲《Retro》,拿到了Beatport榜单第一名的好成绩,并且得到众多知名艺人的支持,例如Skrillex、Zomboy以及Borgore等。次年,IVORY的首张EP《Hacked》也如期到来,吸引了NSD Black Label、Disciple Round Table这样的powerhouse厂牌的目光。2018年在NSD Black Label旗下发行的第二张EP《Next Level》更是吸引了Excision、NGHTMRE、Slander等顶尖bass音乐人的注意。这样的实力也使得他能够为诸如Herobust、Dion Timmer、Snails、Spag Heddy、Tisoki、Space Laces等艺人制作官方remix作品。IVORY一步步成为全球知名的制作人,从澳大利亚到加拿大,再到整个欧洲,他的演出足迹遍布各大音乐节。2019年,IVORY的表现同样值得期待。


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