City Rooftop Party

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    上海市黄浦区电场 July 20, 2019 14:00
Contact: 电场 Electric Circus TEL:18601746229

EVENT: Yeti Dis:ko呈现屋顶花园派对

DATE: 2019年7月20日,星期六 14:00—20:00

VENUE: Electric Circus电场


TICKETS: 早鸟:80元(含1杯酒水)     现场:120元(含1杯酒水)     



上海艾迪逊酒店屋顶花园系列活动持续为你带来夏日氛围, 此次Yeti Dis:ko带来了Eric Duncan来到屋顶派对。作为Rub'n'Tug的一员, Eric曾活跃于90年代后期的曼哈顿左派音乐场景。Eric逐步塑造了他的辉煌事业,这些经历就如同他的音乐一样丰富多变。从为臭名昭著的滑板女孩电影“Mouse”制作音乐到为Danielle Baldelli, The Beastie Boys 和Todd Terje这样的人物制作混音作品。

当时他在DFA厂牌发行音乐的身份化名为Still going,其中音乐包含了Still going 的主旋律和 Spaghetti Circus。他的音乐在当时可以称为左派浩室音乐经典,他在Tim Sweeneys主持的电台节目Beats in Space上借由Dr Dunks 推荐的混音作品,都经过完美的编排并给人一种很顽皮的感觉。

同场派对支持Eric的还有La Dame noir旗下艺人Motel 77。他们将和Yeti Dis:ko的创始人Allan Marshall共同带来一段罕见的上海演出。



Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan 又名 Dr Dunks是传奇DJ双人组 Rub-n-Tug 的一员,他同时也是DFA唱片旗下Still Going的一员。不管名字怎么变,他的才华和一流的派对调动能力是不变的:派对巅峰时刻的提供者。他自己亦或和人搭档,Eric 曾给Roxy Music to Zero 7, Lcd Soundsystem, Cold Play, Todd Terje, Grace Jones, Chic Chic Chic 和The Beastie Boys 等人制作混音。

Justin Van Der Volgen 先是著名电子摇滚乐队Out Hud 和 !!! (Chk Chk Chk)的一员,后又成为世界级DJ,制作人,混音师。他掌管My Rules厂牌并在纽约的Beats In Space广播 放音乐。


MOTEL77 (La Dame Noir)

MOTEL 77 ,是法国La Dame Noir 厂牌下成立的全新双人组合,由上海地下场景中连的两位关键成员 Charp 和Thoma Cher担任主角。从上海的各大俱乐部再到亚洲,到处都留下了他们的身影。Thoma 曾在 Nu Disco届最为知名的厂牌Juno下发行黑胶以及个人EP,曾被誉为2017年最值得一听的唱片。 从2017年开始,MOTEL77正式成立于上海。两人更因此获称为“舞池皮衣客们的暗黑disco骑士”(Trax 杂志 2018)。


ALLAN MARSHALL (Yeti Out / Shanghai)

来自澳大利亚的Allan Marshall是一位DJ, 活动主办人,积累了超过10年舞曲音乐经验,他也邀请海外音乐人参与演出。他发起的音乐演出品牌YETI DIS:KO是音乐创意团队YETI OUT的分支,同时他也任职于街头潮流品牌Mishka担任创意总监。到目前为止YETI DIS:KO已经邀请了Kenji Takimi, Psychemagik, Tarnado Wallace, Soichi Terada,The Revenge 和 Ivan Smagghe来中国演。



EVENT: Yeti Dis:ko pres. City Rooftop Party

DATE: Saturday, July 20, 2019  14:00—20:00

VENUE: Electric Circus电场


TICKETS: Pre-sale:¥80 (includes 1 drink)    At door: ¥120(includes 1 drink)    



Bringing in summer with it's Edition Roof Garden Series, Yeti Dis:ko welcomes Eric Duncan to the Shanghai EDITION Rooftop, Cutting his teeth in the Manhattan Leftfield scene in late 90's as part of Rub'n'Tug, Eric has formed a illustrious career, that is a varied as his sets. From curating the music to the infamous Girl Skateboards move "Mouse" to his remix work for the likes of Danielle Baldelli, The Beastie Boys and Todd Terje.

His seminal Tracks on DFA under the alias Still going, includes Still going theme and Spaghetti Circus, are leftfield house classics, and his mixes under his Dr Dunks guise on Tim Sweeneys Beats in Space radio show are both beautifully curated with a tongue firmly in cheek.

Supporting Eric on the Roof Are La Dame noir signed artists Motel 77, playing a rare Shangh.




Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks is one half of legendary DJ duo Rub-n-Tug & also half of DFA’s Still Going. No matter the name though, the game remains unchanged: peak time party provider.  On his own or as part of one of the various partnerships, Eric has remixed artists like Roxy Music to Zero 7, Lcd Soundsystem, Cold Play, Todd Terje, Grace Jones, Chic Chic Chic and The Beastie Boys, just to name a few.

Justin Van Der Volgen was with electro-rock band heavyweights Out Hud and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) before establishing himself as a world class DJ, producer and remixer.  He runs the My Rules label and plays on NYC's Beats In Space radio.



MOTEL77 (La Dame Noir)

MOTEL77 is the new duo revealed by the infamous French label La Dame Noir.

Behind thatname, Thoma Cher & Charp, 2 Djs who have been key players in Shanghai un- derground scene for the last decade. They hold many years residencies at several influential clubs in the city. While Charp did tour all over asian clubs (Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hanoi), Thoma Cher released vinyls on Nu disco top label and his first EP was charted in the best of 2017 of juno records. They came together last year to create MOTEL77, a dark disco act“for those who like to keep their leather jacket on the dance floor”(Trax Magazine 2018). Dark, deep, physical but focus on groove.“A standout package of machine made disco with a space edge”(


ALLAN MARSHALL (Yeti Out / Shanghai)

Shanghai transplant, Allan Marshall is an Australian raised DJ, promoter and talent buyer with roots in dance music for over a decade. Founder of Yeti Dis:ko and part of Yeti Out and Creative Director of MISHKA, Allan has supported and organized tours for Kenji Takimi, Psychmagik, Tornado Wallace, Soichi Terada,The revenge and Ivan Smagghe, playing in clubs, Warehouses and festivals as a solo project as well as duo Allan & Hughes.


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