Suanpan 90s Rave

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Suanpan 90s Rave @ Dada Shanghai


DJ’s: 算盘

免费入场|Free Entry

9月20日,“算盘”将在上海DADA Bar带来第二次的90年代的锐舞派对,距离去年11月我们在北京举办的锐舞派对已经过去了将近一年的时间,但我们没有遗忘上次那个美好的夜晚,所以我们与各位Raver重温黄金时代的感觉。在那个黄金时代,“仓库派对”还是一个非常普及的活动,而且,并不是每个人都可以参加,这样就直接把Club文化引向了我们今天所熟悉的这一套文化和音乐系统。

第一批“锐舞” ‬因受到美国Acid House运动的影响,起源于80年代末的英国的地下运动。一群思维模式相近的人喜欢聚集在一起跳舞(增强彼此的意识形态),在每一个工业区,田野间,机场外等任何可以搭建声场系统和些许灯光的地方,都会响起这种思想超前的电子音乐。这些锐舞活动创造了一个充满了同情心、兴奋以及热舞能量的魔术般的幻境。阶级,政治,种族等等都不复存在,所有人一起跳舞直到天亮,直到永远。







-----DADA SHANGHAI------

[DADA BAR]  上海独立文化、地下音乐活动场地。

每周一休息, 21点开门, 22点后DJ上台。

地址: 上海长宁区幸福路115号 (近法华镇路)






EVENT: Suanpan 90s Rave @ Dada Shanghai

DATE: Friday, September 20, 2019

TICKETS: Free entry

VENUE: Dada Shanghai

DJ’s: Suanpan (算盘)


On Friday 20th September, Suanpan (算盘) are excited to present the second instalment of the euphonic all-night dance party to Dada Shanghai. After throwing our first rave at Dada Beijing back in November of last year, we return to the golden age of underground electronic music once more; to a time when warehouse raves were commonplace and, without knowing it, reshaping club culture and dance music into what we recognize today.


Raves first began as an underground movement in the UK towards the end of the 1980s, growing out of the acid house movement in the US. Groups of like-minded people would get together and dance (in an enhanced state of consciousness) to all types of forward-thinking electronic music in industrial spaces, fields, airport hangers, or anywhere else a sound system and some lights could be set up. These raves created a magical environment full of empathy, euphoria, and energy. Class, political, and racial barriers were broken and crowds would dance well into the next day and beyond.


This crazy and intense time was a defining period for electronic music. The constant introduction of new technology saw producers compete with one another to see who could come up with the weirdest and freshest sounds. Tempos dramatically increased, samples mutilated, and breakbeats taken apart and re-stitched, creating a whole new sonic dimension that put the UK on the electronic music map. Generations of DJs who’d learnt their craft playing American and European records were suddenly filling their record bags with homegrown belters. And the rest, is history.


On Friday 20th September at Dada Shanghai, we want to reproduce what it was like to be at a rave in the early nineties and stay true to the original sound of these parties. Expect some of the most important tracks of that era to be played, as well as the unearthing of some forgotten gems, with plenty of hoover noises, piano stabs and breakbeats in between. Prepare to be transported back to a time when music was more about a feeling, and dancing with a smile on your face 🙂



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