Way out East ● 逃离东方之旅!

Contact: DADA Shanghai

Way out East ● 逃离东方之旅!


DJ’s: Jun - D.F.J., Man Alive

免费入场|Free Entry


“Werkout”项目是由来自世界各地长驻上海的艺术家的集合,他们专注于音乐和视频的创作。9月12号在DADA上海他们将会带来作品展示。周四一起在Disco, Electronic, 80’s, Disco-Funk的音乐氛围以及激励人心的实时影像艺术中踏上逃离东方之旅吧!



"Jun - D.F.J." - Japan 日本

Jun Nishio aka Jun - D.F.J. 来自日本神户,超过25年的dj经历。16岁的时候喜欢朋克和UK dub,收藏的第一张唱片是Malcolm McLaren 的Duck Rock LP。现在他放的比较多的是New York house,garage and Soul/Funk。他在美国旅行的时候得到很多音乐方面的影响,现在常驻上海。在长乐路和朋友一起经营一家很现代有趣又好吃的的日本餐厅叫“XIME/嘻咩”,除了他创作的日式料理受欢迎之外,他选择的店内的音乐也是经常得到喜欢音乐的人士的夸赞。



”Man Alive“ - Russia 俄罗斯

Man Alive,来自莫斯科现居上海的DJ。他有超过十年播放Old school House和Techno音乐的经历,曾与Moritz Von Oswald (Basic Channel), Jon Kennedy (Ninja Tunes)等艺人同台。他在DADA上海做“ON”和‘Way out East’活动。他自己的podcast在mixcloud.com叫RadioAttic或者你可以查他的录音为了NTS的China Social Club.





-----DADA SHANGHAI------

[DADA BAR]  上海独立文化、地下音乐活动场地。

每周一休息, 21点开门, 22点后DJ上台。

地址: 上海长宁区幸福路115号 (近法华镇路)






EVENT: Way out East

DATE: Thursday, September 12, 2019

TICKETS: Free entry

VENUE: Dada Shanghai

DJ’s: Jun - D.F.J., Man Alive



Werkout artists (mainly djs and vjs) are from all around the world and spread love and passion to the good music and vinyl culture.



"Jun - D.F.J." - Japan

Jun Nishio aka Jun - D.F.J. is from Kobe, Japan. With more than 25 years DJ career Jun started his career from playing Punk and UK dub when he was 16, first record Malcolm  McLaren - Duck Rock LP, now he plays everything like New York house garage and Soul/Funk. He traveled much in the USA where he enriched his music inspiration, now Jun based in Shanghai. He’s also a chief in a modern popular Japanese fusion restaurant called Xime, his inspiration is cooking and music which can surprisingly stand close one to each other if take a look on it in a philosophy way.



“Man Alive” - Russia

Man Alive is a Russian Dj from Moscow. His music preferences mainly lay for different kinds of old-school House and Techno. He has been playing on the same stage with names like Moritz von Oswald, Jon Kennedy, Dj Calm, Das Moth. He does maintain parties at DADA Shanghai called "ON" and "Way out East" dedicated for a different kind of music. Man Alive is a host of Shanghai "RadioAttic" Podcast on Mixcloud.com, you can also check his record for China Social club podcast at NTS.

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