Dada is 10 years young

Contact: DADA Shanghai TEL:15214321314


Dada Shanghai 10岁啦!





两晚活动都是免费入场。活动的表演嘉宾大部分都是一直以来支持Dada Shanghai的本地DJ,但也会有一些惊喜嘉宾。





分享你在DADA Shanghai过去十年里的最美好回忆~


- 你最喜欢的派对

- 你最喜欢的DJ

- 你有趣的故事






Dada Shanghai is 10 years young.


For a bar/club in Shanghai, that's pretty epic.


We're celebrating this milestone on the weekend of September 13 and 14, yes, Friday AND Saturday.

Both nights will be free entry.Mostly local-based DJs that have been playing with us over the years, but also some surprise guests, whatever.


Come down for some messy, good old fashioned fun.


More info coming soon, but that's all you really need to know anyway, right?



Please share your best memories from Dada Shanghai's 10 years...


- Your favorite party

- Your favorite DJs

- Your funny story


See you all on Sept 13-14 weekend!

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