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  1. 蚊子-田佃(TianDian)
Contact: ChengduBeer TEL:13730871837

Chengdu Young Professionals Vol. 12 成都职业青年交流会 第12期

Volume 12 of the Young Professional Mixers will take place at Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre this November. Grow your network, find like minded people and enjoy an evening of drinks and activities downtown Chengdu - the perfect way to kick start your weekend.


The 12nd volume of Young Professionals marks 2 years of young innovators growing their networks, finding like minded people and enjoying an evening of drinks and activities in downtown Chengdu. There will be live music, drinks and great people -  the perfect way to kick start your weekend.

Chengdu Young Professionals 从两年前开始举办,为成都有志向的年轻人提供一个交流平台,和一般传统的平台不同,这项交流活动比较随意自在,在这里你可以尽情享用美酒和美食,扩大你的国际交友圈,说不定还可能遇到你未来的合作伙伴。

Dresscode:Business Casual


Your full name + email address are enough to receive your ticket at the venue reception.


We look forward to seeing you there. Add WeChat ID: Chengdu-Expat2 and comment "Young Professionals 12"to be added to the group before the event.

报名成功后请加微信号: Chengdu-Expat2, 注明Young Professionals 12, 随后我们会把你加入活动微信群。

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  1. 蚊子-田佃(TianDian)