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2001年,CANSON和COSILI两位音乐制作人联手,组成“Anatol"在更多的知名俱乐部例如:法兰克福的Robert Johnson,巴黎的Batofar,柏林的WMF等地下场景中进行表演。



Amar Derradj, alias Canson, was born 1976 and is living in lovely Zürich, Switzerland.

Canson came in touch with electronic music in 1993. Music and electronic media had always been topics in his life in which he was very interested. Since he has bought his first synthesizer in 1994, Canson can be designated an integral part of Zürich’s underground dance scene.

His first release followed in 2000, collaborating with Cosili on the label “Stattmusik”. First live gigs in the prestigious “Rohstofflager” club took place; in the next year the both artists played as “Anatol” in other famous clubs such as the “Robert Johnson” (Frankfurt), Batofar (Paris), WMF (Berlin) and others.

All in all, the music of Canson is esoteric and buttery. You are left driving on the highway into the future within the smoke and strobes, or beneath clouds shaped like alpine trails into somewhere special with the people you love."


电子舞曲策展人和先锋Techno艺术家,先后与友人创建过S CLUB ,CICI PARK,ECHOBAY CLUB,为重庆日渐蓬勃的舞曲土壤奠定坚实基础。VOKO.X不断的推广不同音乐理念的锐舞品牌,初期创建了电子音乐跳舞厂牌“雾”后与YANGBING先生共同打造西南第一户外派对Dust Till Dawn 在川渝制造更迭不停的电能浪潮。随着两地俱乐部风潮他与YANGBING将TIME TO JACK系列活动带入到各大地下俱乐部,不遗余力的将国际一线艺术家带到两座城市 搭建起世界音乐真正“零距离”接触的桥梁 。为了使电子乐迷更好的了解国际音乐的发展现状与趋势,现在他们在重庆建造一家纯粹的电子俱乐部ECHO BAY .VOKO X自身以强劲的低音风格著称,舞台表演力非常好,有极强的现场控制能力。极简Micro House/Electronica/DeepTech&Techno是他标准的风格。其音乐里带有多元化风格的补给,尤其是他对低音部分律动感觉,非常持续有力度,让舞迷一直有莫名的兴奋感。他受到国际优秀制作人BRETT JOHNSON,MIKE SHANNON,BORIS,PEZZNER,Mark Henning,CANSON,DAVID DORAD,AUDIO WERNER的邀请参与Time To Jack,Sub Berlin,Dust Till Dawn,T for Techno,Instinct,CQ Grooves,Echo bay一系列的活动。VOKO X将Burning各大俱乐部和音乐节的舞池!

voko x is electro music curator and avant-grade techno artist. He has created s club, cici park, and echobay club with his fellow artists to establish a solid foundation for the evolving electronic music in chongqing. Voko X continually spread different rave brands with different music concepts. First, Voko established the techno music dance brand "雾(fog)". Then he created the number one outdoor party in the south-west district Dusk Till Dawn with Yang Bing and bring the techno waves into the sichuan and chongqing regions.

Along with the club styles, Voko and Yang Bing bring in the Time to Jack events into every major underground clubs and spare no effort to build the bridge for international music artists and help people to gain a better understanding about the electronic music developments and trends from other countrie. Voko himself is well known by his strong bass style as well as stage performance and controlling forces. Micro House Deep Tech&Techno are his character style, especially the rhythm of bass beats. Voko is often invited by great international producers Brett Johnson,Mike Shannon,Boris,Pezzner ,Mark Henning ,Canson to attend events such as Time To Jack, Sub Berlin, Dusk Till Dawn, T for Techno, Instinct, and CQ Grooves, Echo bay etc. Voko is gonna burn every festival and club's dance floor.



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