11.15 | Techno Motel @ Taiga

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    科华北路蓝色加勒比广场二楼TAIGA CLUB November 15, 2019 22:00
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    November 15, 2019 22:00
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    November 15, 2019 22:00
Contact: Wu

TIME 时间  
11.15 周五 22:00
15 NOV
10PM - Late Night
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科华北路蓝色加勒比广场二楼TAIGA CLUB
现场 Before 12am 30RMB
After 12am 40RMB
- WU

成都先锋派对品牌 LAB 主理人,他曾分别闯入2007和2008届DMC世界搓碟大赛中国总决赛。
2013一个偶然的机会他成为了成都地下音乐俱乐部HEREWEGO的活动策划人,来此造访的世界著名DJ如:Boris,EtappKyle,Tobias,PaulaTemple,Ambivalent, Fjeek,Miiia,HWA等等,Wu的音乐也深受这些艺术家的影响
DJ WU先后策划多次户外与室内派对,如Warm Up,Basi Rave,Norequest等。邀请来的艺人有,Dj Krush,石野作求,Jimmy Edgar,Hvob,Wata Igarashi,Eric Clouiter,Kanding Ray,RHYW,Barker,Ploy,Lucy,Cleric等等,不断为他的城市输入国际优秀Dj和艺术家,这也是他创建Lab的意义所在。


MLRV is a young blood member of Russian underground society. He started to collect music in 2006. In 2008 Mlrv start to travel and share his music taste from famous places of Thailand as B52, Lima Lima club. Motorroom and White room. His audience becomes bigger and grew into music festivals: "Most Rave" and Tesla Music Festival" He was inspired by the sound of analog synthesizers and flat bassline of Detroit techno. In 2015 with his friends he created community called «Listen to Detroit». This is successful project which still working and brought for the first time to Far East of Russia dj s like: Sodeyama (TRiP) Agraba, Zabelin, Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong). In 2017 he moved to Shenzhen (China). He and Moon created party label "Techno motel”. It’s a regular event which monthly organizing in Oil club with local dj s and also international guests. Was resident dj of Sector club (Underground room. Shenzhen) and Hilton Hotel rooftop bar. In summer 2018 visited 11 cities during his China tour. Also played at one of the most famous underground clubs in China as Lantem», «Vervo, «DADA», OIL. The «Window»,«Hangover», and did support for Drumcell (Dystopian), Arjun Vagale (Odd records, Suara). During his trip in Europe was playing his sets at “Deficit” ( Moscow ), “Red Light Radio“( Amsterdam ) ,“Rbl radio “ ( Berlin), Golden Gate ( Berlin ), “Gram Rec “ ( Prague ), ADE Event ( Amsterdam ).

MLRV是一位地下音乐的新鲜血液,2006开始了他的音乐生涯,最开始迷恋上音乐风格Detroit techno,并受到 Detroit techno 里的合成器、贝斯合成器的启发。2008在泰国非 常有名的酒吧B52、Lima Lima club、Motorroom还有White room里展示了他的音乐才华! 随后在音乐节"Most Rave" and Tesla Music Festival舞台上表演,并吸引越来越多的听众和 粉丝。2015年联手音乐人朋友创立了音乐厂牌Listen to Detroit»,并与西方和俄罗斯的DJ合作:Sodeyama (TRiP) Agraba, Zabelin, Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong) 2017来到深圳发展,并与好友Moon创立了派对厂牌Techno motel,并和许多中国、外国 的Dj定期在 Oil 酒吧进行音乐派对,吸引来了一批中国和外国听众。期间在Sector club (Underground room)作为首席DJ。2018年开始了在中国11个城市巡演,在中国知名的 酒吧演出Lantem», «Vervo, «DADA», OIL. The «Window», «Hangover»合作参与 Drumcell (Dystopian), Arjun Vagale (Odd records, Suara).参与欧洲的演出 “Deficit” ( 墨西哥 ), “Red Light Radio“( 阿姆斯特丹 ) ,“Rbl radio “ ( 柏林), Golden Gate ( 柏林 ), “Gram Rec “ ( 布拉格), ADE Event ( 阿姆斯特丹 ). 现在居住在德国柏林并在当地进行演出。

Moon is considered as fresh blood but for her, music is religion. Her passion for travel helped to build up her music taste, adding vinyls from each destination she visits from across the world. Moon has always been involved in the music scene, having previously been a PR for several Moscow clubs. Through this line of work she has managed to build up her knowledge of the community, giving her access to work with some of the most talented underground DJs and producers in Moscow. In 2016, she had a chance to expand out of Moscow and visit China. The vastly different music scene in China opened up new opportunities, allowing Moon to get her foot in the door. Bringing her underground Russian style music across to China, it wasnt long for people to start adopting this new sound and following her trend. She played in several of China's most well known clubs like Oil, Lantern, DADA, Hangover, Window, Echobay, Taiga etc.
Moon and Mlrv founders of "Techno Motel". This was created with the vision of developing musical culture in Shenzhen and bringing some of the most well known labels, to debut in Southern China. Drumcell (Droid behavior, Dystopian) and Arjun Vagale (Suara, Odd recordings) are some of the familiar names that Techno Motel have been responsible for bringing to the music scene in Shenzhen. In May 2019 Techno Motel held a tour across 7 cities in China. After a recent trip to Europe, Moon played at “Red Light Radio” Amsterdam, “RBL Radio” Berlin, “Golden Gate” Berlin, “Gram rec” Prague, ADE event Amsterdam. For now she’s based in Berlin, focusing on music production and studying modular synthesizers.

音乐对于M􏰀􏰀􏰁来说是一种信仰般的存在!作为音乐圈里的一名新鲜血液,她热 爱旅行,并在旅行中吸收各地的文化把它融入到音乐中。同时她非常热爱收集各 种不同的音乐作为自己的素材库。M􏰀􏰀􏰁一直享受音乐派对的乐趣,经常出现在 墨西哥的一些地下音乐派对里表演。 2016她抓住了一个到中国体验的机会,来到中国后在许多非常有名的地下音乐 俱乐部进行疯狂的派对演出(Oi􏰂, La􏰁ter􏰁, DADA, Ha􏰁g􏰀ver, Wi􏰁d􏰀w etc),在 这一趟的旅行中,她对音乐的理解得到了更高纬度得提升!随后与好友 M􏰂rv 创 立了音乐派对厂牌“Tech􏰁􏰀 M􏰀te􏰂”,刚创立不久便迎来了和许多大牌合作的机 会,在深圳举行了非常多派对,合作的大牌有:Dru􏰃ce􏰂􏰂 (Dr􏰀id behavi􏰀r, Dyst􏰀􏰄ia􏰁) a􏰁d Arju􏰁 Vaga􏰂e (Suara, Odd rec􏰀rdi􏰁gs).接着她开始了“Tech􏰁􏰀 M􏰀te􏰂”的中国巡演活动,走遍了7个多的城市。 在巡演后又紧接着欧洲巡演,走遍了“Red Light radi􏰀” (阿姆斯特丹), “RBL radi􏰀” (柏林), G􏰀􏰂de􏰁 Gate Ber􏰂i􏰁, “Gra􏰃 Rec” (布拉格) ADE eve􏰁t (阿 密斯特丹)。现居住于柏林,目前正在进行音乐创作和学习电子合成器。

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