The Womb | Pop up Exhibition

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    深巷空间:金牛区西屠场街13-1 January 4, 2020 14:00
  • Door
    January 4, 2020 14:00
Contact: Eugenia So

The Womb | 纽约先锋艺术家:Uni Eugenia So 成都首场快闪展览

"The Womb" by New York based Korean American artist Uni Eugenia So is coming to Chengdu as a pop up exhibition @ Deep Alley on 2020.1.4. Themed "the life of fetus", So works to evoke a synthetic experience for her audience and rekindle their experiences as a fetus.

《子宫》将由来自纽约的美籍韩裔艺术家Uni Eugenia So 202014日在成都的深巷空间举办。这次展览将以胎儿的生命为主题,为她的观众带来一种综合的体验,并重新唤起他们作为胎儿的体验。

Inside the womb, the swimming fetus develops in the process of gestation to bloom into a beautiful human being. The curious fetus continues to swim in the mother’s womb for nine months until the body of water breaks loose, which propels the unborn to detach from the mother to become a newborn. From birth, life begins to unravel the infinite and inevitable thirst for protection as a means of survival. Undoubtedly, the womb is so precious and warm. Nature forbids us to return to this sacred place, but we can certainly recollect our experience as a fetus.


Uni Eugenia So is an Korean American artist based in New York and Seoul. She specializes in spacial installations rooted from her background in photography and video, with which she narrates the genius of the fetus. Having presented her work in New York, Seoul, and Zurich, this is her first-ever exhibition in China.

Uni Eugenia So 是一位驻纽约和首尔的美籍韩裔艺术家。她擅长于以摄影和录像为背景的空间艺术装置,她是用这些装置讲述胎儿神奇之处。她的作品已在纽约、首尔和苏黎世等地相继展出,这是她在中国的首次展览。

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