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法国暗黑Disco骑士组合 Motel77

MOTEL77成立于2018年,是法国”La dame Noir”厂牌旗下的 dark disco/slow techno双人组合。他们的首张EP专辑在各大音乐媒体(BBC 6 music,DJMag UK,The Ransom note,Trax杂志等)中得到了广泛好评,并被世界各地的著名DJ 播放,如Curses, Local suicide,Psychemagic, Chloe, Zimmer, Marvin & Guy。


他们的第二张由Nein Records发布的EP连同DJ In Flagranti 和DJ Roe Deers的remix版本也在圈内大受欢迎,被称为“野性的发布”、“舞池的热潮”,再次证明了他们在 dark disco 圈中不断增长的印记。


从巴黎到东京、香港、首尔或胡志明市,这对组合在过去一年里在欧洲和亚洲被不断邀约,MOTEL77将带你进入Dark groove,techno-ish Disco,和Saturated guitar的音乐现场。


Thoma Cher,Holly Sh!t另一位实力音乐制造人,受到上世纪70,80 年代音乐的影响,擅长将强有力的deep house, techhouse, disco 与groove糅合,使得他的音乐呈现出更深层次的丰厚感。长期驻扎在Lola,Dada, Shelter, Arkham和北京Migas,曾与Lindstrom, Kolombo 和 Hot Toddy等音乐人的同台演出.


Charp,从2008年到如今,早已成为上海地下house, disco和 techno电子音乐的砥柱力量。他与Thoma cher创立的“Holly Sh!t ”派对,给魔都的每个周中制造了最令人难忘的派对记忆。同时也为Lola和Arkham输送了Super Flu, Rodriguez Jr ,Thomass Jackson 一大批优秀的音乐人。Charp也曾受邀与Paul Kalkbrenner,Felix daHousecat, Paul Ritch, Azari & III 和Michael Mayer等知名house,techno艺术家们同台演出。



Date: Friday, January 17

Event:  Motel77

Venue: DADA Shanghai

Free Entry


MOTEL77 is the dark disco / slow techno duo from France revealed by the infamous record label La dame Noir in 2018. Their first EP has received widespread acclaim from Media (BBC 6 music, Dj mag UK, The Ransom note, Trax magazine…) and has been played around the world by artist like Curses, Local suicide, Psychemagic, Chloe, Zimmer or Marvin & Guy.


“Beast of a release” ,”dance floor heat”, their second EP on Nein Records with remix by In Flagranti and Roe Deers also received heavy support by Dj community and confirm the growing imprint of the duo in the European electronic music scene.


In the last year, the duo has performed both in Europe and Asia bringing their  dark groove, techno-ish disco, and saturated guitar in Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Ho Chi Minh. After 2 new release on PlayPal (played by DFA member JuanMaclean !!) and Ldn records, they are back for 1 night in DADA Shanghai.


Thoma Cher a music producer and Dj, he has released on nudisco in European label and his first EP was in the top10 Charts on Juno Uk.


Dj Charp has been touring Europe and Asia for the last decades and played at main club and festival in Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tapei ...



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