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XIA |下  永远的幸福路!

2020年1月16日 周四

免费入场|Free Entry


DJs:Aktüman, Ancient Alias, Arno, Kodama




自从我们的环境和节奏观念诞生以来,我们一直非常荣幸能够将Dada Shanghai称为我们的家。主持了这座城市一些最有才华的人和即将到来的表演,看到夜幕降临时已经变得令人惊奇。因此,请和我们一起在上海最具标志性的幸福路进行最后的狂欢聚会,其特色是原始的XIA |下的成员,他们都会为当晚盛会带来非常特别的东西,全部都来!!!




Aktüman 并没有经常作为DJ的身份亮相,但是他在各大音乐节已经出没了将近十年。在多文化环境中成长,逐渐变成音乐的狂热爱好者,他一直在他的收藏里不断添加那些富有异域风情的声音、地下音乐家以及未知的宝藏。



Ancient Alias

Ancient Alias是开普敦Fabian Goodwin的psytrance DJ。他的音乐流畅,倾向于更高级的节奏,从146到152个BPM甚至更多,并融合了光明和黑暗的主题。他以饱满的情绪在森林、深沉和黑暗的声音之间编织,用强烈的剧情感和富有能量的铺底来探索音乐,试图让听众沉浸在一种身临其境的听觉、理智和情感的旅途中。



Arno D

Arno D 来自于南法,1995年移居伦敦,于2004年开始了"Soul berries",一个推广Funky beats的DJ聚落音乐项目。带着大量碎拍以及Tech-House,他们曾经在 Herbal, Aquum, 333, the White House, ministry of sound等等地方演出。




15岁的时候在比利时出生并长大的Kodama搬到伦敦了。在全球的音乐首都,他在Dome接触了Psytrance音乐。目前在中国十年多了,他大部分的时间花在发展Psytrance的场面和文化。他在各种各样的现场举办过派对,包括ckb dkd,G+,MAO,Park 97等。其中的派对已经成为上海派对场面的传说了。为了进一步推广Psytrance文化和音乐,他加入了Goaproductions,中国最有活跃的Psytrance唱片公司。







XIA | 下

Free Entry

Thursday January 16

DJs:Aktüman, Ancient Alias, Arno, Kodama



We are extremely proud and honored to have called Dada Shanghai our home since the inception of our ambient and downtempo concept. Having hosted some of the city’s most talented established and up and coming acts, it’s been amazing to see the night grow to what it has become. So please join us for a last shindig at Shanghai’s most iconic venue on Xing Fu Lu, featuring the original XIA | 下 crew, who will all be bringing something special to the decks.



Aktüman is making his debut as a DJ, but he has been going to festivals for about a decade. Growing up surrounded by many cultures and beign a big fan of music, he always seeks new exotic sounds, underground artists and unknown gems to add to his collection.


Ancient Alias

Ancient Alias shifts a few feet sideways from the VJ panel to the DJ decks for a special downtempo set. Unlike his driving psychedelic trance which straddles the line between dark and twilight, at XIA he will show a different side of his musical character. An immersive aural journey will take you through melodic glitch and dub, whilst keeping the familiar psychedelic edge.


Arno D

Arno came from South France and moved to London in 1995. In 2004, he started "Soul berries", a DJ settlement music project that promoted Funky beats. With a lot of shots and Tech-House, they used to perform in Herbal, Aquum, 333, the White House, ministry of sound and more.



Born and bred in Belgium, at the age of fifteen Kodama moved to global music capital London where he picked up his love for psytrance at the now legendary Drome.

Now already over a decade in China, he spent most of that time as half of Magic Garden planting the seeds of the global psychedelic trance scene, throwing fully decorated parties at iconic venues (some now long come and gone) such as club dkd, G+, MAO, Park 97, Madam Zung, Rojam, SOS, Babyface, Shelter, Dada, Logo, Cinderella etc.



Marine moved from Paris to Shanghai 10 years ago.

Music and arts lover, you can find her busy organising events, visiting exhibitions, or designing our party flyers, including the inaugural artwork for XIA 下!



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