Sunset nirvana | Rooftop party

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    上海市黄浦区Bar Rouge(外滩18号店) May 23, 2020 15:00
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    May 23, 2020 15:00
Contact: SHFT. TEL:13927485477

五月的到来预示着SHFT的夏日系列即将回归!在夏天的热浪袭来之前,我们准备好了一场不湿衣的登高派对 -- 重生日落(Sunset Nirana)。
SHFT Summer series is back by popular demand.  The heroes of Shanghai's melting hot Summers are here to bring vibes to 2020 with SUNSET NIRVANA

Since 2013 we have thrown our summer series parties on; sandy beaches, the 53rd floor terrace of the Ritz Carlton Pudong, a historic light house on the bund, and pools all over the country.

五月23日,周六,我们将再次带回这个传奇派对系列,重生日落 天台派对一触即发!
这一次,我们选址在外滩知名的Bar Rouge天台,放眼便是上海外滩的夜景。由当地知名DJ Tom Yeti,Crystal Q和LUCE带来最强日落表演。还有神秘重量级嘉宾降临现场,带来TA 2020年首秀!
On Saturday the 23rd we bring enlightenment to the city with another epic rooftop party, "Sunset Nirvana," on the infamous Bar Rouge Terrace.  Leave your body and levitate over The Bund to the sounds of Tom Yeti, Crystal Q, Luce, and a sunset performance from a very special guest (to be announced).

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