Ian Badenhorst in Chongqing!

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    鹅岭,二厂文创公园,鹅岭正街1号7号楼 (Testbed). September 18, 2020 23:59
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    September 19, 2020 20:30
Contact: Dan (罗文)

Ian Badenhorst
A South African born – Shanghai-based – comedian and comedy producer. After years of entertaining crowds as a DJ and working for one of Shanghai’s largest entertainment groups that regularly hosted shows for Punchline Comedy Club, Ian finally took to the stage himself in December of 2015. Since then, he’s had an unstoppable desire to perform as much as possible.
With a wealth of production experience under his belt, Ian has worked with other local comedy producers, touring and performing with formidable international acts including Tom Rhodes, Jackie Fabulous, Adam Hunter, Phill Jupitus and Tom Green.
In July 2018, Ian and a group of fellow comedians joined forces to form SINA COMEDY PROMOTIONS to bring out some of the world’s favorite comedians. Working with local partners, Ian has hosted shows and toured with Theo Von, Joe DeRosa and Neal Brennan.
Ian’s comedy is full of stories from life in South Africa & China mixed with twisted observations and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. He is currently booking dates for his first tour around China and Asia.
Come on down!
Kent Kedl
Kent is a Shanghai-based American who has been living and working in China since the mid-1980s. A comic writer for many years and an admirer of stand-up comics, Kent tried his hand at doing stand up in late 2015. What fascinates Kent is how hard you have to work to make comedy look easy and he enjoys constantly playing with material in front of different audiences to develop it further. With the sensibility of a storyteller - but with enough sense to know that, even after 30 years in China he is still an outsider - Kent’s comedy focuses on the only inexhaustible source of humor: himself. Kent has headlined shows in China and has performed throughout Asia and in Europe and the US.
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*Date/ 日期: Saturday September 19th
*Time/ 时间: Starts 8:30pm/ 晚20:30点
*Venue/ 地址: Ben's Bar  笨精酿啤酒
鹅岭,二厂文创公园,鹅岭正街1号7号楼 (Testbed 2)

Ticket includes one free drink!

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