Evan Danger in Chongqing!

  • 预售票
    重庆市渝中区Dungeon January 16, 2021 20:30
Contact: Dan (罗文)

Evan "Danger" Rodriguez (光头哥)is one of the top bilingual comics in China, having headlined in numerous cities across the country. In addition, Mr. Danger has appeared on Chinese TV programs "Shanghai Gossip" and "Shanghai Ferris Wheel" as well as popular Bilibili web series "Bao Zou Da Shi Jian."
Check him out in his first-ever English language show in Chongqing!:
Date/Time: Saturday, January 16/20:30
Location: Dungeon Bar
Address: 重庆市渝中区七星岗枇杷山后街影视城1栋负一层
Check out a clip of Evan in action!:

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