No Logic Only Magic

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    昆明市呈贡大学城Loop club June 12, 2021 15:00
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    June 12, 2021 15:00
Contact: 梁弘毅

经过了一个季度的蛰伏,本土迷幻音乐厂牌酸音乐将在六月下旬献上他们的第三张合辑 - 《No Logic Only Magic 法力无边》,这次酸音乐又有不少新鲜血液加入,来自上海的Trixphonic和曲靖小伙AiryDisc,同时还有三位印度制作人一展身手。一如既往,我们将于6月12号在昆明的 Loop Club举办第一场合集发布派对,不要错过在这个明媚的夏天一起跳舞的机会


关于Acid Flower Music

A psychedelic music label established in 2019 in Dali, China, extending close cooperation with the local live musicians, jugglers and deco artists.
China's party scene becoming increasingly lively, Acid Flower Music provides a creative enviroment for all the groove addicted souls.





DJ 资料

KosmosZ (Acid Flower Music / 雲羿)

Psychedelic DJ,制作人,雲羿派对&Void404发起人。早期是一名乐队成员,2012年转型后从事电子音乐制作与DJ,制作过多首风格各异的电子音乐,并在多地举办并参与地下派对。他的混音中充满着科幻与迷幻元素,试图将舞客拉入一个未知的电子宇宙,高速穿梭在星系与星系的连接之中,在旅行时重新思考人类更为深刻的奥妙。

Psychedelic dj and producer. initiator of Yunyi Party & Void 404. In the early days, he was a member of the band. Started engaging in electronic music production and DJ around 2012. His Production involves in different branches of electronic music. He also held and participated in underground parties in many places. His thick set is full of science fiction and psychedelic elements, trying to pull dancers into an unknown electronic universe, shuttling at high speed between galaxies, and rethinking the deeper mystery of humanity while traveling.


Acid Echoes (Acid Flower Music)

现居大理的电⼦⾳乐制作人、DJ、Promoter,Acid Flower Music发起人。
迄今为⽌她已经与Braincell / Obviliant /Justin Chaos / Yudhisthira等国际知名制作人都有过同台演出经历,并且得到他们的认可。同时也开始有一些音乐在欧洲的厂牌发行。 2019年她开始进入自己第一张个人专辑的筹备,同时也萌生了成立中国本土Psytrance音乐制作厂牌的念头。
Acid Echoes is a Beijing Psytrance DJ and Producer, now living in Dali, Yunnan, China.
She was playing guitar and drums in high school, but in 2014 discovered Psytrance music in Beijing and started to dig it. After DJing for a while, she decided to produce her own unique psytrance music.
Till now she's shared deck with Braincell, Obviliant, Justin Chaos, Yudhisthira, and began to release her music in some European labels.
In 2019 she started her debut album, stay tuned for sth fun, groovey and weird!!


DJ,制作人。一手抓着语言,一手拽着音符;如同天平的两端:一边是骗局,一边是真相。一旦矛盾的中心奇点浪漫旋转起来,那么近似完美的符号便与宇宙接轨。AiryDisc代表人类竭尽所能的智慧延展,无所谓自由、贪婪、邪恶、善良....... 因为我们都应该对真理说一句抱歉。
A hand with language and musical notes in the other; just like the two ends of the balance: deception and reality. Once the central singularity of the contradiction turns romantically, then a perfect symbol will connect with the universe. Airydisc represents the extension of human wisdom until we realize the best of our ability. There is no freedom, greed, evil or kindness… Because we should all say sorry to the truth.


psytrance/hard tech制作人,南宁地下派对发起人之一,从摇滚到电子乐,从未停止在声音律动中寻找真正的自己,希望通过Psychedelic极具感染力的音色,让所有的电子乐爱好者身体保持规律性运动,在平行世界中与自己对话。


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