CD Comedy Local Showcase

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    成都市武侯区啤酒窝酒吧The Beer Nest I(锦绣店) June 11, 2021 21:00
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    June 11, 2021 21:00
Contact: ChengduBeer

Chengdu Comedy Club is back with its first local showcase in over six months (and the first one since awarded best recurring event in Chengdu, for the second year in a row!) , this time with no fewer than 7 local acts!!! This time spotlighting the hilarious Jacob and with a few feature acts that are headliners in their own right, for the extremely low price of 60 kuai presale (including a drink!!!!) you can’t go wrong. We have sold out every one of these that we have ever done, so get your tickets whilst you can!

About the performers
Jacob - is a Canadian English teacher currently living in Dujiangyan. Despite holding such a stressful job, he has dedicated much of his spare time to Comedy, and has been performing in Chengdu and Chongqing for the last two years. His tongue-in-cheek comedy explores experiences at the intersection of foreigners and locals.

Rob Brien - has been a part of building Chengdu’s comedy scene up from the ground. Since 2012, when he became the first English-speaking comic to perform in the city, he has hosted and performed on hundreds of shows and acted as MC and opener for many years for headline international acts on tour in China. He has performed at the Hong Kong Comedy festival, headlined in multiple cities and opened for Des Bishop, Will Sylvince, Glenn Wool, Kurt Metzger, Brad Williams, Mark Normand and many more!

Nico TooMuch - has performed bitterly hilarious standup across China for several years. She takes a deeper look into the grim parts of life and teases out the fun.

Cory - has spent years meditating and observing countless thoughts arise and pass away. Contemplating the deepest truths that make up what we call "I", he is happy to share that he doesn't have herpes and is addicted to all you can eat buffets.
Michael Hampton - who looks great dressed up as pharaoh in a Beijing bikini, but is too lazy or "busy" to send in this bio ZING.

Stephen DiSalvio - makes his Chengdu Comedy Club showcase debut and one that we are super excited for, he lives in Chengdu, where he enjoys eating donuts, playing Nintendo 64, and hosting Gangsta Sleepover Parties. His other activities include freestyling, producing music, dancing shoddily, upsetting patrons, and always asking questions at the wrong time. The first and only time he has ever cried was shortly following the death of Macho Man Randy Savage on the 20th of May 2011. His deepest, darkest fear is of a magical pirate appearing in his walk-in closet while he slumbers.

Professor Dave - Lastly we come to our host for the evening, After being born in a chuan chuan restaurant and abandoned by his mother, he was a raised by pandas until the age of 24. Upon leaving the bamboo forest in search of his true parents, he had to make ends meet the only way he knew how, by becoming a college professor.Prof brings energy in abundance and never disappoints with high-octane performances and observations, an audience favourite, which means we are in capable hand for the evening.

*All tickets include 1 selected drink 门票均含一杯特定饮品
*Tickets are not refundable 门票一经售出,概不退换
There will be an e-ticket (QR Code) sent to your email after purchasing, save and show at the registration for check-in.
*Date/ 日期: Friday June 11
*Time/ 时间: Starts 9:00pm/ 晚21:00点
*Venue/ 地址: The Beer Nest 啤酒窝
武侯区,锦绣路34号附7号(保利中心平安银行对面,棕北国际楼下) Wuhou District, Jinxiu Road 34-7 (below Zongbei International)
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