Big Big Comedy (Xiamen) Live!

  • 1 Pre-sale Ticket, incl. 1 selected drink
    成都市武侯区啤酒窝酒吧The Beer Nest I(锦绣店) July 23, 2021 20:30
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    July 23, 2021 20:30
Contact: ChengduBeer

Chengdu Comedy Club presents: Big Big Comedy (Xiamen) Live!
Hosted by Rob Brien, with the support of the Chengdu Comedy Club.
Fri. July 23rd, 8:30pm
Before 21/7: ¥80
After 21/7: ¥100
Incl. 1 Drink

Described by fans as “supple” and “a nice guy”, Jacob, from Arkansas in the USA, has been steadily falling short of expectations for over two decades now! He enjoys long bus rides and is not knowingly allergic to any medication.

Julien is a ruff and tumble cowboy from Oklahoma, USA. He's had the pleasure of opening for Joe Wong but pretends he doesn't care. A slickster that plays it safe but never by the rules, his wry, ridiculous material leaves audiences reeling.

Lewis is a young buck from the North East of England. According to every person who's every met him, he's a "guaranteed good time". During his short standup career he's already opened for some of the biggest names in China comedy, including Jorge Castelianos, Adam Hamilton, Simeon Goodson and Joe Wong (twice), and he’s the only person to ever win the Great Ganbei Debate in Xiamen 3 times.

*Date/ 日期: Friday July 23rd
*Time/ 时间: Starts 8:30pm/ 晚20:30点
*Venue/ 地址: The Beer Nest 啤酒窝
武侯区,锦绣路34号附7号(保利中心平安银行对面,棕北国际楼下) Wuhou District, Jinxiu Road 34-7 (below Zongbei International)

Before 21/7: ¥80
After 21/7: ¥100
Incl. 1 Drink
*All tickets include 1 selected drink 门票均含一杯特定饮品
*Tickets are not refundable 门票一经售出,概不退换
There will be an e-ticket (QR Code) sent to your email after purchasing, save and show at the registration for check-in.
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