7.23 Harry's Wizard Movie Night

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Contact: HarrysWizardCafe神奇哈里西餐咖啡馆

时间Time: 7月23
Every Friday Night 8:30-10:30 pm, you can get more movie info on the poster
地点Add: Harry's Wizard Cafe神奇哈里西餐咖啡馆
我们的常规活动均为免费,只需人均最低消费20元,以支持Harry's Wizard Cafe持续为大家提供更多更好玩儿的活动!Our regular events are free of charge with a minimum cost of ¥20 per person to support the Harry's Wizard Cafe to continuously provide much more fun activities for everyone !




promotion every week👇




————关于Harry's Wizard Cafe————


Harry's Wizard Cafe不光是一个咖啡店,也是一个温暖的家,一个公共的文化交流空间。我们去年获得了2020年Chengdu-Expat的最佳人气奖:这里有舒适的环境,美食和丰富的活动。你可以在这里参加英语角,吃到正宗英式味道,也可以在这里玩儿桌游/看电影/分享艺术,体验跨文化活动,了解到更广阔的世界。更多店内活动及每周优惠信息,请扫描海报二维码,或在公众号神奇哈里WizardCatering内回复【活动】获得每月店内最新活动时间表。


Welcome to the Harry's magic world!
Harry's Wizard Café is not only a coffee shop, but also a warm home and public cultural exchange space. We won the  Chengdu EXPAT 2020 People's Choice Award: We have comfortable surroundings, delicious food and plenty of activities. You can take part in the English corner and enjoy the authentic British taste of our food. You can also play board games, watch movies, share art, experience cross-cultural activities and learn about the wider world. If you want to know more about our events and promotion every week. Please scan the code of the poster or reply [activity] to our WeChat Official Account 神奇哈里WizardCatering to get the monthly activity timetable.

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