Kurt Dunsing in Chongqing!

Contact: Dan (罗文)

The absurdist, manic, slightly unhinged, and always hilarious Kurt Dunsing will be returning to Chongqing on Saturday, January 22 at the Beer Nest! Kurt is a force of nature who brought the house down last year! You don't want to miss this! Check out Kurt in action!

Details below!:

Date/日期: Saturday, January 22!/1月22日
Time/时间: 21:00pm
Venue/地方: Dungeon Bar/重庆地窖酒吧
Address/地址: 重庆市渝中区七星岗枇杷山后街影视城1栋负一层
Tickets/门票: 60 RMB pre-sale (until January 21)! 80 RMB day-of!
And check out Kurt's bio and photos below!:
Kurt Dunsing is an American comedian from Chicago, Illinois (the best part of Illinois). His trademarks are his high-energy absurdist comedy and his powerful thighs and calves, both of which helped him take 2nd place in the 2018 China International Comedy Festival.
Most of his stand-up revolves around his experiences in China, his love for American pop culture and the fact that his girlfriend is smarter than he’ll ever be (she demanded I put this part in).
Since starting standup in 2015, he’s opened for TV headliners like Tom Rhodes, Mike Vecchione and Dwayne Perkins.

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