PRC in Chongqing!

  • Pre-sale
    重庆市渝中区Dungeon(枇杷山后街店) July 30, 2022 21:00
  • Workshop
    重庆市渝中区Dungeon(枇杷山后街店) July 31, 2022 15:00
  • Regular
    重庆市渝中区Dungeon(枇杷山后街店) July 30, 2022 21:00
Contact: Dan (罗文) 🇺🇦

Join us for PRC (People’s Republic of Comedy), Shanghai’s premier dynamic duoprov featuring hilarious improvisers and comedians Josh Tyas and Paul Ashton on Saturday, July 30 @ 21:00pm at Dungeon Bar!
And join them for an exclusive improv workshop on Sunday, July 31 from 3:00-5:00pm (also at Dungeon Bar)! Participants will learn a range of foundational improv skills applicable for the stand-up stage, public speaking, interviews, and just a plain old, knee-slapping good time.
What’s improv?
Improv(isational) comedy is unscripted, unwritten and unplanned comedy. Performers use audience suggestions (and sometimes participation) to create scenes and scenarios that happen once and never again. No show is ever the same!
Show details below!:
*Show Date/ 日期: Saturday, July 30/7月30日
*Time/时间: 8:30pm
*Cost/门票: 60RMB (pre-sale)/80RMB (day-of)
*Workshop Date/ 日期: Sunday, July 31/7月31日 (limit 15 people)
*Time/时间: 3-5pm
*Cost/门票:: 80RMB
*Improv show + workshop package: 144 RMB
*Venue/ 地址: Dungeon Bar/重庆地窖酒吧
*Address/地址: 重庆市渝中区七星岗枇杷山后街影视城1栋负一层

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