【Xiamen】Kill Frenzy China Tour

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    厦门Boomshake April 20, 2018 10:00
Contact: 杨于卉

来自比利时的House音乐制作人Kill Frenzy将在4.20-4.21首次来到中国演出!

Kill Frenzy十几岁的时候,就受到来自Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, DJ Godfather, David Clarke, DJ Slugo, & DJ Funk等电音界大佬们的影响,展现了对House和Techno的独特品味。这些大佬们将性感的Jackin house, Getto house放入他们的set中,从此让年轻敏感的Kill Frenzy陷入了对这种声音的热爱,在Getto House的音乐道路上奠定了基础。

2012年他被美国知名厂牌Dirtybird签下并发布了迄今为止最知名的专辑《Make That Booty》,这张专辑影响了Soul Clap, Jamie Jones和Skrillex等众多DJ,Kill Frenzy随后在Dirtybird发布了一系列音乐,这些音乐是他和厂牌紧密联系在一起的重要元素。

Belgian born and Berlin based producer Seba, better known as Kill Frenzy, has an affinity for crude, lewd, deep and dark vibrations. As a teenager, he acquired a distinct taste for house and techno from the greats: Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, DJ Godfather, David Clarke, DJ Slugo, & DJ Funk. These kingpins would occasionally drop filthy jacking ghetto records into their sets and the young impressionable producer fell in love with this sound. This booty based vibe went on to lay the foundation for Kill Frenzy’s initial releases on Ghetto Test (a subsidiary of the infamous Dust Traxx Records) and Juke Trax (DJ Godfather’s Ghetto Tech label). His rapid-fire juke joints, clocking around 160 BPM, were pure youthful adrenaline.

In 2012, Kill Frenzy signed to Claude VonStroke’s San Francisco based label dirtybird with his most well known release thus far, “Make That Booty Clap.” This massive record infected DJs as diverse as Soul Clap, Jamie Jones and Skrillex— the later of whom helped turn this signature tune into a festival anthem. Kill Frenzy went on to release several more records on dirtybird and became an important element in the very tight knit crew.


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