4.19 | Elevator pres. Dorisburg

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    April 19, 2019 23:00
    April 17, 2019 01:00
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这是近年来我们听过的最丰厚的deep house和精神活动性Techno,幽深的旋律和现代小调的漂流感,携带着惊人舞池魅力。”

- Inverted Audio



- RA

Alexander Berg(Dorisburg)的音乐之心中,有一种细致长久的耐力。过去六年,这位瑞典音乐人有10张EP和一张专辑制作,简单概括地说,每一张作品都令人骄傲。他的风格串联了忧郁梦幻的旋律和催眠鼓点,在作品与现场表演中均显现出他的个人音乐特质。他的首发专辑Irrbloss以及在Northern Electronics、Aniara Recordings和Bossmusik下发行的EP都展现出广阔的音域范围。他在个人风格的自如转换中,一种丰厚的氛围质感创造出异世界的魔力。


当晚音乐支持来自Stephen Andarakis,香港地下舞曲界的领军人物,Sweet Talk的代表。Co:Motion驻场Finascia也将亮相。

"..some of the lushest deep-house and psychoactive techno we've heard in years, deep-seated jacking tunes and contemplative drifters with unparalleled club firepower."

- Inverted Audio

"One of the most consistent producers in contemporary club music."

- RA

There's a patient consistency at the heart of Alexander Berg's work as Dorisburg. The Swedish producer has made ten EPs and one album over the past six years, and put simply, each one is something to be proud of. His catalog, which encompasses both dreamy, melancholic melody and hypnotic drum tracks, maintains a quality and singularity of personality both on record and in the live setting, performance being a deep focus for Berg with his solo project. His debut album, Irrbloss, and EPs for Northern Electronics, Aniara Recordings and Bossmusik, display dizzying sonic range. While he shifts through stylistic lanes with ease, all of his tracks are anchored by a lush atmosphere that adds an otherworldly magic to even his toughest beats.
Berg creates this same enveloping feel in his masterful live shows and DJ sets. This is where the countless hours in the studio, the trove of tracks that have not yet or simply won't be released, serve a transportative purpose. Along with a trove of unheard material, Berg mixes deep cuts from across the house and techno spectrum, weaving together a breathless, hallucinogenic web of rhythm and melody.

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