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DJ’s:Venus, Arno D. & Johannes, Rafa Paella

免费入场|Free Entry



就在八月十六日,XIA|下 再次回到dada回到你身边,我们邀请到Venus、Arno D. & Johannes 、Rafa Paella这些活跃的dj们,他们将整晚带来动人美妙的好音乐和放松的氛围,赶紧来吧!



aka CicE 擅长用充满灵性电子音乐的振动频率带领观众穿越维度, 为大家带来一段探索意识海洋的感官之旅. 作为声音Shaman, [Venus]擅长用4/4拍让人挣脱头脑思维的束缚, 唤出每个人身体里的本能律动, 她对音乐氛围的把控能将人们的情绪牵引到现场之外. 深邃空灵的旋律线, 声音采样如臻化境的运用, [Venus]创造出时空的另一种可能性.在那里, 她潜移默化地进入每个人内心深处的原野上, 渐进式地引导人们在声音风景的参差错落之中漫步.


Arno D & Johannes

Arno来自于南法,1995年移居伦敦,于2004年开始了"Soul berries",一个推广Funky beats的DJ聚落音乐项目。带着大量碎拍以及Tech-House,他们曾经在 Herbal, Aquum, 333, the White House, ministry of sound等等地方演出。

他们在过去的5年里一起合作,他们的演出是Techno/Tech-House的风格流派,根据不同情景他们也将融入Chill step以及Bass。


Rafa Paella

无论是在沙滩上,在挥汗如雨的地下室,还是在温馨的酒吧里:Rafa Paella总能在对的时刻点燃观众的激情。狂欢之夜下使人们沉浸于舞蹈与音乐的艺术中。

Rafa Paella自2016年起生活在上海,不久便成为上海地下电子乐的忠实拥护者。他一直在探索新的韵律,将创新,模糊及久近遗忘的元素融于一体,创造出令人难忘的独特曲风。这是一场蔑 . 视流派界限的盛世音乐之旅。Rafa喜欢演奏世界各地的不同曲风,如 Downtempo,Minimal House 等。他在上海电子音乐界有着良好的口碑,并曾在各个商业活动及地下音乐组织中被邀参加表演 。如Elevator, Echobay, Vervo, Dada,东海音乐节和阴阳音乐节等。 此外,他还曾受邀在越南,韩国和德国参加演出。



-----DADA SHANGHAI------

[DADA BAR]  上海独立文化、地下音乐活动场地。

每周一休息, 21点开门, 22点后DJ上台。

地址: 上海长宁区幸福路115号 (近法华镇路)








DATE: Friday, 16 August 2019

TICKETS: Free entry

VENUE: Dada Shanghai

DJ’s:Venus, Arno D. & Johannes, Rafa Paella



On August 16th its time once more for XIA. Please join and enjoy an evening of mellow vibes, dancing and incense.



Spiritual artist [Venus] aka CicE leads audience going through dimensions by electronic vibration and offers people a perceptional journey to explore the ocean of  consciousness. As a musical shaman, [Venus] is good at4/4 beats to free people from the bound of their brains and call for their inner instinctive groove. By her control of music , the atmosphere draws people’s emotion out of the physical space into somewhere mysterious. [Venus] tries to create another possibility of time and space by deep dreamlike melody and excellent skills of sound sampling. There, she subtly steps in everyone’s inner wild field and progressively guide people to a chill walk in the miscellaneous sound landscape.



Arno D & Johannes

Arno came from South France and moved to London in 1995. In 2004, he started "Soul berries", a DJ settlement music project that promoted Funky beats. With a lot of shots and Tech-House, they used to perform in Herbal, Aquum, 333, the White House, ministry of sound and more.

They have worked together for the past 5 years and their performances are in the style of Techno/Tech-House, and they will also be integrated into Chill step and Bass depending on the situation.


Rafa Paella

Whether it’s on the beach, in sweaty basements, or in cozy lounge bars: Rafa Paella always delivers, capturing the mood and emotions of the audience, making them dance the night away, and forget about themselves。

Based in Shanghai since 2016, Rafa Paella has quickly become of the stalwarts of Shanghai's underground electronic music scene. He is always on the lookout for innovative sounds, obscure records, and longforgotten gems, blending them together to create something unique and memorable, taking the audience on a journey defying genre boundaries. A lover of diverse electronic sounds from all over the world, Rafa can be seen playing most varieties of electronic music from Downtempo to Minimal House. He quickly gained recognition in Shanghai’s electronic music scene, landing him gigs at venues and events like Elevator, Echobay, Vervo, Dada, East Sea Festival and Yin Yang Music Festival. Additionally, he has performed in Vietnam, South Korea and Germany.



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