Chongqing.PUNK FEST.2020.

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    82 days to go June 19, 2020 20:30
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    83 days to go June 20, 2020 20:30
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    82 days to go 重庆市渝中区坚果LIVE HOUSE(得意潮馆店) June 19, 2020 20:30
Contact: 坚果NUTS LIVE HOUSE TEL:18983848230








So sorry about this.

Due to the situation of the nCoV, 2020CQPF has been postponed to June.

You can keep the ticket or return it on the same ticket platform.The closing time of return ticket is 31st March.

And the booking of CQPF goodies first batch is still available,you can book via the QR Code below if u like.

Stay tuned,We'll keep updates in time.

Again,thanks for supporting.Thanks for all the musicians and staffs who join CQPF.

Take care,wish we can get through of this and gather together soon.

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