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造梦节入场 What!有群年轻人要在城市里造梦?什么是城市先锋?啥叫亚文化?他们怎么燥?泡一整天离经叛道的艺术展览?周末用一上午的时间搬出全部家当折腾出满意的造型,只为赶上午后的复古市集?趁着傍晚微醺闯进有怪异主题的派对,挤在陌生又熟悉的人群里pogo,一把混杂着酒精的汗水把台上的偶像淹没。 BOILER ROOM CHENGDU 成都,这个以麻辣的美食和喝茶搓麻将而闻名的大都市,如今是中国疯长的嘻哈文化的重镇。这里滋养了中国新一代hip-hop音乐人。他们爱玩,爱挑衅,更是有胆子让大众见识自己的方言和本土的声音。锅炉房第一次在成都冒气儿,镜头就对准了这些塑造着中国未来hip-hop场景的音乐人。Chengdu, known for its tongue-numbing spices and mahjong packed teahouses, has now become a bubbling hotbed of a burgeoning rap scene. It is raising China’s new generation of hip-hop artists. They are playful, provocative, and boldly assert […]

电子音乐在其他的城市,The electronic scenes of other cities

With the rise of the bedroom producer there are individuals in cities and towns all over China producing their own beats, those who need to throw off the shackles of their day job and hit the club, share the decks or dance floor with like minded people. Below 4 people from 4 different cities around China with burgeoning electronic scenes, share their stories.
随着越来越多的卧室制作人在全国各地发出自己的声音。我们也不禁会想他们的夜生活到底怎样。他们也会像我们一样在下班之后找到同类,放个音乐, 跳个舞吗?下面来自四个不同城市的圈内人将分享他们的故事。

亲爱的变色蝴蝶 Dear Proximity Butterfly

上周在蒸汽旅舍的周年庆派对里,跟很多次一样,你们的音乐把我从院子里,从吧台,从聊天中拖到回到舞台前。这次听到热泪盈眶,我眼光瞄见蒸汽旅舍的老板毛毛,他向我会意的点了下头。Goodbye 是很复杂的过程,
Last week at the Steam hostel’s anniversary party, as so many times before, your music grabbed me from outside, from the bar, from mid conversation and dragged me to the dance floor. I felt a few tears pricking in my eyes as I listened to “Wonderful”. I looked over at the Steam hostel’s Mao Mao standing next to me and he gave me a little nod. I felt like he understood. Goodbyes are so complicated.

Cvalda's Chronicles of Chengdu Club Scene -

Lots of people know Cvalda, mostly due to the fact that over the years she’s come to be known as the “Chengdu representative”. Through out the scene in China she’s gained a reputation as a force for positive change in club culture. Actually she’s a veteran of the Chengdu club scene, starting out as a fan then transitioning to DJ, Promoter to organising her own events, even designing the posters. As part of her work she dives down into every aspect of club culture. Her passion fuelled by her memories spanning several years of the Chengdu club scene, looking on at the current scene wondering if other fans unaware of all that’s happened in the past can really understand and feel the uniqueness of club culture here.



For anyone thinking of working in the music business, Mark Reeder's career reads like a Linkedin tick-list. He cut his teeth working in Virgin Records flagship Manchester store before moving to Berlin in 1978 where he was the Germany rep for the now legendary Factory Records. He went on to co-manage all-girl outfit Malaria!, toured with New Order in his band Shark Vegas and, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, founded the first ever dance music label in former East Berlin, MFS. He even found time to produce the last ever pop record released in East Germany (Torture by Die Vision), show John Peel around Berlin for his Travels with my Camera documentary and discover superstar DJ Paul van Dyk. As one of the earliest pioneers of the 90s EDM sub-genre trance, it's little wonder that a recent Smirnoff Wall of Sound documentary described Mark as “The Godfather of the Berlin Music Scene”. Throw in a handful of remixes for the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode and a couple of albums of his own and you'd think he'd be happy coasting into retirement with nothing left to prove. That might have been the case until a chance conversation in 2013 not led to the creation of “B Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989”, a documentary looking at the music scene in a divided Berlin which has – perhaps surprisingly – gone on to become one of the biggest critical successes of his career.